Community Events


Dave, Tina & Joshua Fielding and family have donated £1,700 to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance (DLRAA).

Dave, Tina & Joshua presented DLRAA representatives Richard, Grace & Julie Fletcher with the money at their home in the Derbyshire village of Heage.

The money was raised when Tina and her family opened their garden for a fete on Saturday 30th July. The event had refreshments, cake & tombola stalls and a special raffle with prizes donated by local businesses (a special thank you to everyone for their fantastic support and amazing prizes). Brilliant music was provided by Patrick Cooke.

Richard said: “I was delighted to be presented with the money from Tina and her family. They have done an amazing job. On the day 16 volunteers helped her and we were also there providing support and help on the day too.

“DLRAA relies entirely on donations from members of the public as it receives no government or National Lottery funding. Therefore support from people such as Tina and her team of volunteers really are invaluable and this goes a long way to helping to keep our lifesaving service flying and this will help us to save a life.”

Tina said: “It’s been a truly fantastic day and it would not be possible without the help of my family and friends. For Joshua my son this has really helped him to prepare for his first year at Belper High School which starts in September – by volunteering and being part of a big community event which has helped save a life.

“Also I need to thank everyone who made this event possible and helped on the day, special thanks to Hollie, Mrs Bradshaw and our meeter and greeter Alan; to Angie and Darren and Linda and Marilyn, who contributed lots of produce and lastly to Dave my husband for being there with all the highs and lows this type of event brings.”