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Discover all about our helicopters and how they help us get patients the treatment they need and provide the rapid speed needed to help save lives on a daily basis.

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  • WNDLR Air Ambulance
  • Children's Air Ambulance

We save lives by both road and air.
With your help we can save even more.

£20 could pay towards a pair of children's ear defenders to protect little ears from our noisy rotors
£50 could pay towards straps to safely secure patients before and during their flight, allowing our crew to focus on treatment.
£100 could pay towards a vaccum splint, used to support and hold fractured limbs during transport to hospital
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No one ever knows when a call will come in for our local critical care team, but we do know that people in our community need our life saving services 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

Like on our helicopters, the Critical Care Cars, previously known as Night Cars, have highly trained medics onboard who effectively bring emergency hospital care to the patient – providing vital medical intervention to them sooner. These are the things that can mean the difference between life and death so it’s important we choose the most suitable way of reaching those who need our help.

Right now, we choose not to fly our helicopters at night as we have a good local road network and the roads are clearer at night and this is when the car really comes into its own. However, our Critical Care Cars, are also frequently used within the day to attend emergencies that are quicker to reach by road.

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From just £2 a month, your monthly donation keeps our services saving lives.