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Featured Products

Browse our featured items donated to charity shops, available for sale on either eBay or Amazon.

Quick Crafts for Parents Who Think They Hate Craft


100 Years of Fashion Paperback


Tatay Valencia Guitar Vintage Spanish Musical instrument


5x Kate Malone Carnival Wave Ceramic Small Pots/Mugs/Jugs Early 90s


Linea Luattro Champagne Cocktail glasses Coloured Stems


Official Merchandise

Official branded products are available for both The Childrens Air Ambulance and Local Air Ambulance services.

The Children’s Air Ambulance Service The Landing Pad – Reusable Travel Cup

Limited Edition

The Children’s Air Ambulance Fluffy Helicopter Plush Toy

Limited Edition

Motorways In The Sky Children’s Air Ambulance Book


2021 The Children’s Air Ambulance Service Week To View Pocket Diary


HEMS Paramedic Teddy Bear


New Goods

Brand new products sold in our shops that include handbags, scarves, pet stuff and loads more from our trusted suppliers.


Nur Die 40 Denier Tights Light Brown


Nur Die 40 Denier Tights Grey


Nur Die 40 Denier Tights Brown


Nur Die 40 Denier Tights Black


Pet Living Plastic & Stainless Steel Pet Bowl Medium



How to Drop-off items

If you would like to donate clothing or toys you can drop them off at one of our local drop-off locations

Amazon & Ebay
Amazon & Ebay

Featured products

Explore a hand picked selection of featured donated items available on our eBay and Amazon stores.

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