COVID-19 STATUS – Both our Local and Children’s Air Ambulance Services are operating as normal but your support and generosity are more important than ever to keep us operational. – Read more here

The Air Ambulance Service

Our lifesaving missions are funded by your generous donations. We do not receive any government funding.

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A Message from Andy Williamson, CEO

Dear Supporters,

The COVID-19 crisis continues to intensify across the UK as well as many other parts of the world and our thoughts are with those who have already suffered terribly from this awful pandemic. It is an unprecedented challenge that is causing great hardship and anxiety for many.

While there are daily reports of selfishness and even greed, we all know that there are also a great many examples of kindness, togetherness and community spirit that go unnoticed – the dedicated teams that operate within The Air Ambulance Service certainly fall into the latter.

It is certain that our charity is going to suffer financially during this crisis. We are not immune to the devastating economic impact that the pandemic is causing but I want to reassure you that our services will continue and that we will be there to help in every way we can.

I am very conscious that many of our supporters are small businesses, self-employed, entertainers and people in the hospitality industry who are suffering terribly and facing real hardship. Right now people need to focus on their health, the health of their loved ones and keeping going in the face of such adversity.

Everyone at The Air Ambulance Service is embedded with our values of courage, compassion and creativity and I am confident that, while we as an organisation and as individuals will suffer during this crisis, we will also overcome and rise again, showing our true colours.

Until this is over it is going to mean events are postponed, meetings cancelled, office closures, disrupted working patterns, some financial hardship and difficulties in fundraising and trading. We cannot personally engage with many of our donors, volunteers and supporters as we would normally do and the high streets will be quieter over the coming months for sure. Will this stop us? No, it certainly will not. We will adapt and we will find the best way to carry on to continue to serve patients. Rest assured that we will continue to do our best and where we can help, we will.

Please take care everyone and when normality returns I look forward to working with supporters, volunteers and staff to ensure the charity continues to provide its vital, lifesaving services. Until then let our combined community spirit shine through.

Kind regards
Andy Williamson

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Children’s Air Ambulance

Children’s Air Ambulance is our national service, flying critically ill babies and children from one hospital to another for specialist care. We are the first and only dedicated neonatal and paediatric helicopter emergency transfer service in the UK.

Our Vision

We want children to grow into adults, we want adults to live longer and we want bereavement through trauma to become rare.

2020 Mission stats

  • 1209Combined Missions 2020
  • 25Patient Transfers
  • 12642Miles by Critical Care Cars
  • £3500TCAA Avg Mission Cost
  • 10WN/DLR Counties Attended
  • 120.5hrsWN/DLR Time Flown

Our lifesaving missions are funded by your generous donations. We do not receive any government funding.

I decided to Volunteer with TAAS as no-one ever knows when they might need their help. They get no funding from government and this influenced me also. I work from 9am until 4pm every Friday and I love it. I started in the donations area and now work on the till which I love to do. Rita, Alfreton Superstore