Your Local Air Ambulance Serving five counties across the Midlands

Our charity does not receive funding from the government or National Lottery for its daily missions and relies entirely on voluntary donations and support from our communities and business. The Air Ambulance Service flies across the counties of Warwickshire & Northamptonshire, and Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, covering 3,850 square miles.

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Blade and Peggy Toys Now Available!

Our #TheCrew mascot, Blade, and his side-kick, Peggy are now in toy form. These cute plush toys are perfect for your little ones to take on all of their adventures.

Read more about our children’s club #TheCrew to see how to sign up your children today.

Our appeal to help us save more lives like Ellie’s

We need your help to save more lives like Ellie’s by donating what you can to our services. From £2 a month, we can help reach those who need urgent critical care wherever they are.

Our Vision

We want children to grow into adults, we want adults to live longer and we want bereavement through trauma to become rare.

2022 Mission stats

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    1,505Total Missions
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    282Hours Flown
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    £1,700Avg Mission Cost
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    25,504Miles by Critical Care Cars
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    25%RTC Missions attended
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    Counties Attended12

Reaching a medical emergency in rapid time can be the difference between life and death. That’s where your local Air Ambulance comes in.

Testimonial author
I decided to Volunteer with TAAS as no-one ever knows when they might need their help. They get no funding from government and this influenced me also. I work from 9am until 4pm every Friday and I love it. I started in the donations area and now work on the till which I love to do. Rita, Alftreton Superstore