Reuse & Recycle
Reuse & Recycle

Reuse Services

Your PreLoved Items Help Us Raise Money

We always need high-quality stock for our stores. If you have items that could be loved by someone else, donate today.

Your unwanted clothes, bags and shoes can help keep us flying. Just drop them off at our nearest clothing bank to you – it couldn’t be simpler!

Received one of our stickers? Fill up a bag with the items listed below and apply your sticker, leave on your kerbside in driver view and we’ll be round to collect on the date given on the bag.

Do you have bigger donations that won’t fit in a bag, such as reusable furniture or heavier items? Contact our team on the form below to arrange a collection.

Whether it’s items you no longer love, items that no longer fit, or simply haven’t worn, we want them – if you wanted those items once, give us the chance to let someone love them again.

Reuse & Recycle

Our Textile and Toy Reuse Banks

Did you know that because we own and operate our own clothing and toy banks, we not only provide employment for many local people, we also get the best value for your clothing by selling it through our shops and beyond.

There are many items we accept into our banks:

  • Clothes & Shoes – good quality garments that will look beautiful in our stores
  • Accessories – ties, handbags, jewellery sunglasses and cases.

In our toy banks we want working, complete toys. Please don’t include broken toys as this can pose a hazard to our workers.

Reuse & Recycle

What We Can’t Accept in our Bank Recycling

However, there are certain items we don’t accept into our banks;

  • Duvets or pillows
  • Unsellable items e.g ripped or stained clothing
  • Broken toys or bric-a-brac
  • CDs, DVDs and Books –  feel free to take these in-store or to your nearest donation station
  • Video or cassettes
  • Electronic items – phones, laptops etc.
  • Furniture

All of our banks are clearly labelled about what we do and don’t accept but if you’re unsure about anything, please get in touch with our team before donating.

Reuse & Recycle

Kerb Side Donations

Our clothing bags are the quick and easy way to give us pre-loved items including clothing, household items and other items, including books and sports equipment.

As with all of our donations, we want the best quality to make sure we keep people coming back to our stores.



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DID YOU KNOW? Our donation bags are 100% recyclable, so if you don't need it this time, pop it in your recycling bin and it'll be made into something new.

Our Closed Loop Recycle Solution is a UK Charity First

We’re the first UK charity that is offering a full closed-loop recycling service of our own plastic bags to help us become greener and reduce the plastic that ends up in our fields and waterways.

The process involves our new in-house machine that turns our bags that are used for donations into pellets, to then be reprocessed into new donation bags that will come through your door.

How do you get your bag back to us?  Simple! Fill one of our bags with your pre-loved items and either donate into your nearest recycling bank or leave for kerbside collection. We will sort the items to raise vital funds,  and then recycle the bag.

Your donation not only helps us to save lives, but also save the planet.

Reuse & Recycle

Donating Office Equipment for Reuse

We have launched a brand new service for organisations looking to replace office equipment. Our IT Asset Reuse and data wiping services follow all of the necessary processes to cleanse confidential information to the Ministry of Defence standards.

If you’re a business that’s interested in finding out more about how we can help, we have information here.

Reuse & Recycle

Our Green Strategy

Discover our plan to become a greener, more energy-efficient charity to support the goal of reducing the environmental impact we make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Banks & Drop-offs

Is it necessary for us to attend clothing banks

Yes, to ensure clothing banks are not overflowing we have a reduced driver taskforce who are responding to full banks which have been reported to us. Our textile donations have always been a vital part of our charities income and we hope that you can understand the need to continue with this, albeit with amended ways of working.

Can I arrange a one-off clothing collection from my home?

We have started to introduce home collections again with limited numbers. To arrange this, please contact us by using our contact form  or calling 0300 3045 999. Alternatively, you can locate your nearest clothing or toy bank here.


Banks & Drop-offs

How do I contact you about a full bank?

If your local recycling bank is full you can contact us online or by calling our Supporter Experience Team on 0300 3045 999

I am a site owner who wants to host one of your banks

That’s great! You can get in touch with us by calling 0300 3045 999 or emailing us at [email protected] to discuss further.

Who owns the Children’s donation banks?

We own all of the Children’s Air Ambulance donation banks but sometimes hire subcontractors to empty banks that are based further away, as this is far more cost-effective than using our own drivers. However, we use our own vans to empty all of the Children’s Air Ambulance banks in Nottingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, Staffordshire, Oxfordshire & Bedfordshire.

Who owns your clothing banks?

We are one of the few UK charities that own and empty our clothing banks. If there are any issues you can get in touch with our Reuse team.

How can I donate my items?

There are 3x main ways to donate your goods;

1. Bag them and drop into our reuse banks, which you can find using our location finder
2. Arrange a kerbside collection either using the branded bag you may have received or by calling our team
3. Take your items to one of our stores or donation stations