Charity Governance

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To demonstrate to our supporters how The Air Ambulance Service is performing and provide visibility of our approach to achieve our strategy, we have provided various documents that showcase our plans and visions for the charity.

You can click on the documents below, which include plans, policies and performance documents, to illustrate the progress made as well as historic information regarding the charities performance.

Our Strategic Plan:

Our plan is based around our three core charity values; Compassion, Courage, Creativity. We have seven key strategic aims to develop over the next three years and these are to;

1. Continuously advance rapid response and critical care services to patients.

2. Be recognised as the leading authority on pre-hospital emergency care and paediatric and neonatal transfer services.

3. Raise awareness, understanding and engagement with our charity across the country.

4. Unite people in our common purpose and create advocates who will enhance the reputation and reach of the charity.

5. Be the organisation of choice and opportunity for the most talented and driven from diverse backgrounds.

6. Drive best practice across all areas of the organisation, in a sustainable, responsible and ethical manner, to ensure a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate.

7. Grow income to £30 million in a diverse and sustainable manner to continue and develop our services


Our Governance

We are governed by a board of trustees who have legal responsibility for how the charity performs, ensuring that it meets its charitable objectives. The trustee board meets regularly with the senior management team to support and advise the charity.


Annual Report

Here are our recent financial statements.

2018 Financials

2019 Financials


Safeguarding Vulnerable People

We are committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults involved in any of our activities. Our commitment applies to all acting on our behalf, i.e., employees, contractors, volunteers, supporters, patient, donors and visitors who may come into contact with vulnerable individuals or groups, whether on or away from our premises. The wellbeing and safety of vulnerable groups can suffer as a consequence of accident or abuse. While accidents relate mainly to physical injury, abuse may be online, verbal, emotional, physical or sexual in nature or arise from neglect. Our duty of care extends to safeguarding in respect of both, accident and abuse.

Safeguarding is about being responsible and accountable for our actions, being fair and treating everyone with respect and dignity. If you have any concerns regarding the welfare of any individual whom you come into contact during your time with us then get in touch with one of our representatives or call the safeguarding line on 0300 3047 677.

The Air Ambulance Service Modern Slavery Statement

TAAS recognises that all organisations have an obligation to prevent slavery and human trafficking. We all have a responsibility to be alert to the risks and to be committed to acting ethically and with integrity and transparency in all business dealings and those of our 3rd party suppliers and their supply chain. You should report any suspicions to your Manager.