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The Air Ambulance Service operates the national Children’s Air Ambulance, across England, Scotland and Wales, and the local air ambulance services for Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Our vision is clear. To ensure children grow into adults, for adults to live longer and for families to stay together, as bereavement through trauma becomes rare.

Each of our services works tirelessly to save lives and alleviate sickness, wherever and whenever possible.

Local air ambulance services –  WNDLR

Since starting our services in 2003, we now fly two local air ambulances services, serving a total of five counties.

  •  Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance (WNAA)
  • Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance (DLRAA)

Our critical care paramedics, doctors and pilots attend an average of ten rescue missions a day and within minutes, they can be on the ground delivering lifesaving care at road traffic collisions, sports events, and industrial accidents or for medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, stroke or accidents in the home.

The air ambulance gives people the very best chance of survival and recovery. Our helicopter can fly at 185mph and carries the very latest lifesaving equipment.

Our air ambulance team is supported by Critical Care Cars, which provide valuable backup for incidents close to the helicopter base or when the weather makes it too dangerous to fly. It also enables our doctors and critical care paramedics to be run a night car service so that they are available to reach those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We receive no funding from the government or National Lottery for our daily missions and we rely entirely on donations to raise the £2,300 we need for each rescue mission.

Children’s Air Ambulance – National Service

The Children’s Air Ambulance is a national service, changing the face of paediatric and neonatal care through the high-speed transfer of critically ill babies and children and flying them from one hospital to another for specialist care.

The clinically designed helicopter provides a flying intensive care unit for babies and children.

We work with 11 NHS paediatric retrieval teams across the UK, enabling them to bring their specialist equipment on board to safely transfer their patients from one hospital to another. If a child is too sick to fly then the Children’s Air Ambulance can fly a specialist team directly to them.

All transfers of critically ill babies and children carry an inherent risk – the longer a child is out of the hospital, the greater that risk. With our ability to fly approximately four times faster than a land ambulance, we can minimise travel times and risk.

We receive no funding from the government or National Lottery for our missions and rely entirely on voluntary donations to raise the £3,600 needed for every mission. Your support will help to keep hope alive for these patients and their families.

Testimonial author
Since joining The Air Ambulance Service two years ago, I have enjoyed the challenge of bringing critical care to the patients who need it most across the region. I feel particularly privileged to do so in a service which is funded through the hard work of our volunteers and the generous donations of the public. Steve Dick, Critical Care Paramedic

In everything we do we are compassionate, courageous and creative.

We care about our patients, our supporters, our partners and our colleagues. We act with dignity and humility, show respect, and give consideration to others. We achieve because we care.

We are brave enough to ask questions of ourselves, and others and to innovate when solutions are not available. We are bold and pioneering. We achieve because we dare.

We recognise that new ideas, big and small, are essential for our future. We are curious – we consult, collaborate and experiment in our drive to deliver clinical excellence. We achieve because we create.

If you would like to contact us regarding either of our services please get in touch online or by calling 0300 3045 999.


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