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IT Asset Reuse

IT Asset Reuse Services

Donate Laptops, Computers & Other Working Electronics to Charity

Our free IT Asset Reuse collection and data wiping service for donated IT equipment helps you to raise vital funds for a life-saving charity.

Could your old laptops, computers or mobiles help us save lives?

Across the country, many organisations are needlessly storing unused computers and technical equipment that could help raise vital funds to keep our medical teams helping to save lives.

The ever-changing world of technology and an increase in homeworking has led many companies to adapt and upgrade their IT equipment, but data-protection guidelines have left teams confused about the destruction of data or facing costly recycling bills, that’s where our IT Asset Reuse department can help.

Our established department offers donated IT collections and data wiping for organisations hoping to clear out unwanted IT equipment that can then be resold, reducing the volume that could end up in landfill, all for free.

What to do with old IT Equipment?

Donating old IT equipment that can be re-sold by The Air Ambulance helps to fund key life-saving work. If it’s in working condition, we would truly appreciate your old technology whether you are a business undertaking a hardware overhaul, or an individual looking to replace your mobile phone, our service is there for you.

How do I donate my IT Equipment?

We partner with many corporate donors to collect vast amounts of redundant stock, from switches to servers, it’s likely our IT Team can find a way to reuse your equipment. If you’re a business considering an IT donation please contact our team to discuss the process and schedule a collection.

We always recommend that you delete any personal data prior to donation. Please see our mobile prep device guide for either personal or business use if you’re unsure of how to do this, and ensure any items are in good working order.

Our 6 Step Data Wiping Process

  • 01Liaise


    We liaise with organisations and individuals nationwide offering a free national collection service.

  • 02Test


    Once collected we test all equipment for safety and the viability of resale.

  • 03Data Wipe

    Data Wipe

    We destroy data contained in any form of media using Blannco binary data wiping software.

  • 04Destroy


    We will destroy any data bearing media that cannot be wiped

  • 05Certify


    Once complete we supply tamper proof certificates to our corporate donors.

  • 06Reuse


    Where applicable we refurbish equipment ready for resale.

Why Use Our Data Cleansing Services?

If you are a business, you may wonder why you should choose to trust us with your data cleansing needs?

Once we have collected your items, they will be professionally processed using the Blancco data wipe system. We ensure that all items containing data (PCs, laptops, servers, tablets & mobile phones) have all traces of confidential information removed before preparing the items for resale. Following your donation, you will receive tamperproof certificates for each item we were able to wipe off data, these can be stored to prove safe destruction of your IT assets.

Free Nationwide Collection Of Your Old Electronics

It’s no secret that IT equipment is not as easy to dispose of as household items. Due to the manufacturing of this equipment, high-saturated chemicals and plastics are used which are highly unstable, which, when dumped into landfill, can break and become hazardous. We value finding life in these items, computers which may be too slow for your business can still help others. We aim to reuse as much of each donation as possible and recycle what we can’t.

Most recyclers will charge for this service but we are offering to collect, wipe and give full reports completely free of charge. In addition to this, the data wiping software we use is called Blancco and is the same software used by the Ministry of Defence, leaving you to relax in the knowledge your items are erased to the highest level whilst saving your business money and hitting your CSR goals.

Nationwide Collection Services

As with all of our reuse services, there are certain products that we can arrange a collection for;

  • Desktop and Laptop computers
  • LCD / Flat Screen Monitors and Televisions (23″ widescreen minimum)
  • Audio Visual (AV) equipment
  • Mobile Phones and Tablets*
  • Server and Networking infrastructure
  • Hard Drive / SSD / NAS Data Storage
  • Media / Video broadcasting equipment
*all mobile donations need to undergo the preparation for resale by donor. Read our step-by step guide above.

Items we can’t resell

There are some items that we’re unable to sell due to age or condition.

  • White goods and non IT / AV equipment
  • CRT monitors of any age
  • Damaged beyond repair IT / AV equipment
  • Smart Phones and Tablets which are password protected
  • Scrap metal / material
  • Floor-standing printers

If you’re unsure about whether your office equipment is suitable, contact our team.

Testimonial author
Cherwell Laboratories was very happy to recently support The Air Ambulance Service by asking them to dispose of some of our redundant PC equipment. Whilst we have used other disposal services previously, been able to assist the fantastic work of the air ambulance this time was certainly a deciding factor in our selection. Andy Whittard, Managing Director