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Advent Calendar

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2023 Advent Calendar

This year our Christmas advent calendar is themed around kindness. As the days countdown to Christmas, take a look behind each door to discover different ways kindness can make a difference, not only to our charity, but to the world, and celebrate 25 days of kindness with us.

1st December

Spread Kindness

Help us spread kindness this Christmas time. Come back every day or follow us on our social media platforms to find a new idea on how to support us this Christmas.


5th December

Host a 'Decorate a Gingerbread Man' party!

Get involved! See who has the best creative approach to the traditional gingerbread man and raise funds for your favourite charity.


21st December

Dominic’s Story

“We just couldn’t believe it was there so quickly for Dominic; speed was so important. There was no better way to get him home.”

Andy, Dominic’s dad.


7th December

Re-think where you buy your secret Santa gift

Consider one of our charity shops when looking for what to get your secret Santa this year, not only will it save you a few pennies you will also be helping us save lives.

Find your nearest store by clicking the button below.



19th December

Be a re-gifter!

Give those unwanted gifts a second chance by donating them to one of our charity shops.
Don’t forget to sign up for Gift Aid, our charity can claim an extra 25% for every item you give. It will not cost you anything.

*UK Taxpayers only – for more information visit the link below


16th December

Donate unwanted IT equipment

We offer a free IT Asset Reuse collection and data wiping service for donated IT equipment.
This helps raise vital funds for our life-saving charity.


20th December


Volunteering not only benefits our lifesaving service, but it also benefits you in many ways.
To find out more about volunteering, and the roles we offer, please click the button below.


12th December

Give a Gift of a Lifetime

Did you know gifts in wills fund 1 in every 7 missions? A gift in your Will will help us save lives and help us be there for families in their greatest hour of need.

Become a living legend today!


9th December


There are many ways to remember your loved ones at this time of year.
You could tie yellow ribbons on your Christmas tree, talk to a visiting robin in the garden, or donate a bauble online.


2nd December

Decluttering ready for Christmas?

Please consider Gift Aid when you drop your pre-loved items to us.

Donating through Gift Aid means our charity can claim an extra 25% for every item you give. It will not cost you anything..

*UK Taxpayers only – for more information visit the link below


13th December

Be kind to yourself!

Take a break from the Christmas shopping and recharge with a hot drink and a tasty treat.
Visit one of our Landing Pad Cafes located in our superstores at Doncaster, Alfreton, or Melton Mowbray.
Saving lives one cup at a time!


15th December

Seb’s Story

“If the air ambulance crew hadn’t been there who knows what might have happened.”

Claire, Seb’s mum.


23rd December

Donate a bauble in memory of a loved one

There are many ways to remember your loved ones at this time of year. Why not donate a bauble on our online Christmas tree full of remembered loved ones.


24th December

Your kindness lifts us!

Your lovely acts of kindness keep us flying. Without your gifts, in all their different forms, we would never get off the ground. Thank you.


14th December

Happy Hanukkah!

“Hanukkah is about the freedom to be true to what we believe without denying the freedom of those who believe otherwise.”

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks


6th December


We love our volunteers!

Please consider giving some of your time to our life-saving charity, we would love to have you in our team.

Click on the button below to find your perfect role.


3rd December

Don’t forget to feed your clothing bank this Christmas!

Your unwanted clothes and paired shoes help raise vital funds for our lifesaving charity.

Find your nearest clothing bank on the link below.


22nd December

New Year's resolutions on your mind?

Sign up to one of our many fundraising events today! You can do anything from climbing Snowdon in the dead of night to joining us on our 5-day hike across the Sahara desert!

Until Wednesday 31 Jan 2024, we can offer 50% off registration fees on our Challenge Events – simply use code NY2024 when booking. Terms and conditions apply.


8th December

Happy Bodhi Day

Today commemorates the day that Gautama Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment.

“If the air ambulance crew hadn’t been there who knows what might have happened.”

Gautama Buddha


18th December

Protect our planet

Let’s look after our planet.

350,000 tonnes of used but still wearable clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year. By buying pre-loved and donating your clothes you can help protect our planet.


10th December

Give hope

Your continued support helps us transport critically ill babies and children, so that they can receive the care they need. Thank you for keeping hope alive.


4th December

Join Blade and Peggy in #TheCrew

Join our free children’s club linked to the Children’s Air Ambulance where children can learn about saving lives, helicopters, medicine, fundraising and how a charity works. You might even get a chance to see one of our helicopters or meet Blade!


11th December

Buy pre-loved

Consider buying at least one pre-loved gift this Christmas.

If EVERYONE bought one used item instead of new, in one year we would save 11 billion kWh of energy – that’s the equivalent of lighting up the Eiffel Tower for 141 years!


17th December

Fashion with Compassion

By buying pre-loved and donating your clothes you help raise vital funds for our life-saving service.