Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising Ideas

ideas to raise money for charity

A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

Struggling to find inspiration for your next fundraiser? Here's our A-Z to help you raise money for charity.

Tell Us About Your Fundraiser

It can be hard to choose something unique to support your fundraising efforts but don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve got a list of fundraising ideas from A-Z that you can get involved in. From auctions to Zoom events and so many more in between, we’ve got you covered to help raise money for charity and keep their services going.

If you are planning a fundraiser, then we want to hear about it. Get in touch with us and one of our team will be there to provide everything you need, support your efforts and make sure your fundraiser meets your goals.

70 Ways to Raise Money for Charity

We’ve listed out 70 ways to raise money for charity, all in alphabetical order to make it easy for you to find what you need. Get everyone involved and share on social media to spread the amazing work your doing for a great cause.

  • Abseil

Test your bravery by signing up to take on an abseiling challenge. There are many organised abseils you can get involved in or if you’re wanting to organise this for yourself or a group, let us know!

  • Auction

From vintage clothing to signed celebrity prints, an auction is a great way to get people involved in the cause you’re supporting and raise some funds.

  • Anniversary donations

If you have a special anniversary on the horizon, why not take the opportunity to ask for donations rather than flowers or gifts.

  • Bake Sale

Get your apron on and fire up the ovens to start baking to help raise funds. Whether it’s sweet treats or some savoury delights, they are sure to fly off the stands and generate vital funds for us.

  • Beer Pong

Get competitive whilst at your local pub with a beer pong tournament.

  • BBQ

In the summer months,  why not host a BBQ in aid of our charity? Leave collection buckets on tables, or even sell tickets for people to attend to generate some amazing funds.

  • Birthday Fundraiser

Another year around the sun deserves celebrating so why not set up a birthday fundraiser and ask people to donate in lieu of presents.

  • Ben Nevis Climb

Get your hiking boots laced and take on the highest mountain in Scotland. Check the conditions at the time of year you want to go to make sure you’re fully safe to climb.

  • Car boot Sale

Raising money from unloved items is a great way to fundraise. Choose your location, arrive early, set up your stall and don’t forget to have banners and collection buckets to let them know where their money is going.

  • Car Wash

If there’s one chore that takes a lot of time, it’s keeping cars clean. Why not arrange a car wash service in lieu of donations? Get a group of you together to complete more cars quicker and don’t forget your wellies!

  • Carol Singing

If you’re looking for a seasonal fundraiser then Christmas Carol singing is a fun one. A tradition that seems to have been lost in modern times but gets people in the festive spirit whilst raising awareness.

  • Casual work dress

If you have an office attire, then why not see if you can do a casual dress day in aid of The Air Ambulance Service. Spend the day in casual clothes to help raise monies and spread awareness.

  • Channel Swim

One of the biggest challenges you can do is the channel swim and it takes some serious strength to complete. Some incredible people have recently completed the challenge in aid of the Children’s Air Ambulance.

  • Dance-off

Confident with your moves? Why not arrange a dance off either as a group or solo and challenge participants. If you’re part of a dance troupe, why not see if you can get others involved and generate some friendly competition.

  • Dining Experience

Whether it’s a Come Dine with Me competition, or an around-the-world dining extravaganza, why not host a wonderful dining experience to attract support.

  • Dog Show

Think your pooch has got the waggiest tail? Or has the best trick? Host a dog show and put it to the test.

  • Darts Tournament

Feel you’re the best at this classic pub game? Put your skills to the test by hosting a darts tournament.

  • Dress to Impress

It’s been a while since many of us have had a chance to get dressed up. Create a ‘dress to impress’ fundraising event and leave it to the imagination of your guests to decide if this means fancy dress, or ‘fancy’ dress.

  • Easter bonnet competition

Another seasonal fundraiser that can be perfect for community events such as schools, children’s clubs, and childminders. See who can create the best Easter Bonnet, don’t forget to charge for entry!

  • Earth, Wind,Fire challenge

Ever fancied taking on a 3 in 1 challenge? You can sign up for the Earth, Wind and Fire challenge that is sure to test your endurance. This could consist of tackling Earth by hiking to the top of Mount Snowdon, Wind abseiling down your local Cathedral and for the most daring, walking across Fire.

  • Fancy dress day

Arrange a fancy dress day either at work, in your local community or host an evening to see the amazing efforts of what people will go to.

  • Fantasy Football League

Get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours together in a fantasy footblaa league and fundraise at the same time.

  • Firewalk

Yes, they do exist, and we have a number of places for people to take part. Sign up today.

  • Funny Hair Day

Sometimes the simplest fundraising ideas are the best and in the case of a funny or crazy hair day, this is one. Go wild with colours, stack it tall or be inventive with accessories, whatever you can do to show your support.

  • Gaming marathon

Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo, whatever the gaming console, organise a fundraiser that tests patience and endurance whilst having a blast.

  • Guess the ? competition

Guessing the weight of an object, the volume inside a jar or the name of a teddy is a great little fundraiser that takes limited prep but is sure to draw the crowds in. Run the competition over a few weeks to build up the excitement and announce the winner in a big way.

  • Give Your Time

Your time is precious so give this up to help others and raise some money. Whether it’s shopping, gardening, cooking or babysitting, ask for donations to help with your fundraising efforts.

  • Hiking challenges

It’s no easy feat, but some of the breathtaking views make it worth it. Arrange a hiking adventure and make it a team effort to increase your fundraising efforts.

  • Hair shave

Proud of your long locks? Spent the last few years growing out your beard? Brave the shave and make it an event for people to attend.

  • Half Marathon

Whether you sign up to an organised half marathon or complete your own, make sure you get your training underway and don’t forget to ask for your running vest to show off the amazing support you’re giving to a charity.

  • Intergalactic party

Everyone loves a themed party, so why not host your own ‘out of this world’ party and escape to somewhere far, far away to fundraise.

  • Instagram take over

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so giving control of your Instagram is a big deal, and one that’s got to draw in the funds. Ask a friend, parent, or colleague to run your account for the day.

  • Jumble Sale

Host it from the comfort of your front lawn or get the community involved to have a jumble sale bonanza and get people from all over to take part.

  • Joke a Minute

Feel you’ve got the gift of the gab? Put it to the test and set yourself the challenge of hosting a comedy hour with a joke a minute.

  • Jelly Bath

Baked beans are the traditional choice for sitting in a bathtub to fundraise but why not mix it up and use jelly.

  • Keep fit challenge

Fancy a zumbathon? How about a spin class challenge? Organise a keep fit challenge that will test your endurance and get those donations in.

  • Kayaking Trek

Get out on the water and plan a kayaking trek across the amazing waterways the UK has to offer.

  • Kids Fun Day

Get the family involved with a kid’s fun day and raise money whilst having a great time. Arrange face painting, party food and see if you can get a bouncy castle donated to make it fun for all ages.

  • Loose change collection

Sofa, car or old handbags, everyone has places where they’ve forgotten about loose coins and change that is gathering dust. Why not start a fundraiser that encourages people to donate their loose change to charity?

  • Leg wax

A classic fundraiser but one that never gets less painful is leg waxing. Increase sponsors to wax one or both legs and brace yourself.

  • Marathon

Whether it’s the big London event or a locally organised run the effort to take on 26 miles by foot is one of the toughest challenges you can do.

  • Murder Mystery Evening

Plan a murder mystery evening for something a little fun. Get people to dress as their characters and put on an evening people won’t forget.

  • Make do and mend masterclass

Upcycling is a great way to reduce waste and something that is being encouraged world over. If you have the skills to help others make do and mend unloved items, why not take your own masterclass whilst raising funds.

  • Non-uniform day

Embrace the casual wear with a non-uniform day whether it’s at a school or workplace. Take donations from those who take part for an easy fundraiser.

  • Name the Teddy

Perfect as part of a bigger event such as a school fete, or as a stand-alone fundraiser. The winner could even be in with a chance of winning the teddy as their prize.

  • Night Walk

Set a trail to complete overnight to give yourself a tougher challenge and put yourself through your paces, quite literally.

  • Open Gardens

Proud of your gardening efforts? Why not host an open garden to show off your incredible grounds and provide refreshments to those who visits to make it a full event?

  • Opposite Day

Whether it’s odd shoes, walking backwards or having your meals in the wrong order, see if you can undertake an opposite day as your fundraiser. A great way to get the kids involved in fundraising.

  • Poker Evening

Arrange a poker evening where all the winnings or submissions are donated to charity.

  • Photography freebie

If you’re an avid photographer, why not loan out your skills for those looking for some incredible photography for their family, pets, home, or businesses. Your local charity may even be in need of some support.

  • Pet Show

We all love our pets, so why not create an event for people to show them off by hosting an animal show? From cats and dogs to horses and livestock, make it an annual event for everyone to get involved.

  • Quiz Night

Get involved in a quiz night whether this is a virtual event or at your local pub. It’s a great way to get people together and have some fun.

  • Raffle

People enjoy donating to a fundraiser when there’s a chance of winning something, so why not set up your own raffle and source some great prizes from local businesses.

  • Race Day

You don’t need a fancy racecourse to arrange a race day. With many races now available on streaming services, why not show a previous race, dust off your best hat, and get the Pimms on ice ready for your own event.

  • Sky Dive

Reach for the sky with a challenge that will test your nerves. There are many arranged sky dives that you can sign up for, just get in touch.

  • Sponsored Silence

If you’re a chatterbox, then this may be the fundraiser for you. Get sponsored for a silence challenge that sounds easier than it is.

  • Swear Box

If there’s people you know who could do with watching their Ps and Qs then why not set up a challenge of a swear box.

  • Swap Shop

These swap shops are a great way to fundraise. Ask people to bring along a selection of items they’re happy to give away, ask for a donation to attend and let people swap their items amongst each other. Clothes, books, homeware are all great items that others may love.

  • Teddy bear picnic

A cute fundraiser for kids and adults alike, a teddy bear’s picnic either in the garden, park or woods is a family friendly fundraiser that can bring communities together.

  • Three peaks challenge

If one mountain isn’t enough then why not fundraise by tackling the 3x highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Tech-free day

If you spend a lot of time on a computer or with your phone in your hand, why not commit to a tech free day and raise monies to get off the grid for a short, or long, while.

  • Upcycle and sell

Anything can be upcycled, so get creative and start unleashing new life into unused items that could find the perfect home for a donation to charity.

  • Ugly Jumper Day

Got a jumper that just isn’t your taste? Make it a day where everyone can get involved by donning their ugly jumper, shoes or hat all in aid of charity.

  • Vintage sale

From records to classic clothes, vintage is in. Start a vintage sale or get selling via one of the many online marketplaces where all the proceeds go to charity.

  • Work Party Donation

Many work parties can work out expensive. Why not fundraise by foregoing your summer or Christmas party and giving the monies to charity instead? Get everyone to donate what they’d have spent on outfits, dresses and drinks and collect this for charity.

  • Walk a Marathon

Don’t underestimate the effort it takes to walk 26 miles. If you’re not a runner, then walk a marathon to help support a great cause.

  • Xmas decoration sale

Every year there’s a clear out of old decorations, or those that are unwanted remain in the loft. Why not arrange a swap shop of Christmas decs to freshen up your festive favourites.

  • Yes Day

Why not have a day of saying ‘Yes’ and raise money for your favourite cause.

  • Yellow Outfit Day

In support of The Air Ambulance Service, why not arrange a day wearing yellow with your friends, family, or colleagues.

  • Zip Wire

Did you know Wales has the UK’s longest Zip Wire? If this would push you to your limit, why not brave the challenge and fundraise for doing something out of your comfort zone?

  • Zoom Event

Although the world is opening, some people may not feel quite ready to go and mix with others just yet. Get back on the Zoom hype and host a quiz that people can enjoy from their sofa.

Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising Ideas

Fundraise In Memory

Fundraising in memory is an incredible way to keep the memory alive of someone you love, whilst also helping a charity close to your heart. If you’re looking to fundraise in memory of someone, then we can ensure you have everything you need to make your fundraiser a success.