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Dominic’s Story

The Children’s Air Ambulance is an unbelievable service. We just couldn’t believe it was there so quickly for Dominic; speed was so important. There was no better way to get him home.

Andy, Dominic’s Dad

Imagine the joy of your new-born baby boy, turning to despair at the thought of him being over 200 miles away from his family at Christmas.

That was the dilemma facing Andy and Rachel Fuller from Portsmouth, when their son Dominic was born prematurely while his parents were on a short break in the north east, 225 miles away from home.

Vulnerable and in need of life-supporting intensive care, baby Dominic was taken to Grimsby Hospital where he was looked after by specialist teams.

However, it soon dawned on Andy and Rachel that they faced their baby’s first Christmas away from their family in Portsmouth. The journey home was at least five hours away by road, and Dominic was still far too fragile and delicate for such a journey, as he needed specialist attention constantly and any distress wouldn’t have helped this poor little boy.

Christmas is the time for miracles and thanks to the Children’s Air Ambulance, Dominic was able to spend his first precious Christmas closer to his home and family.

We transferred him safely home in just 1 hour 20 minutes, a fraction of the time it would have taken by land ambulance, and with much less stress on Dominic. Thanks to our air ambulance, he had a happy Christmas his family will never forget.

It’s only through your support that the Children’s Air Ambulance can proudly see more little patients like Dominic grow up and enjoy a full life after such adversity.

With no government funding we rely on the kindness of people like you to make sure that unfortunate children can arrive safely at the right specialist care unit, or be taken to a hospital closer to home to make families’ lives that little bit easier in these difficult and distressing times.