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How To Organise a Birthday Fundraising Event

Everyone can make a difference to a charity, but not everyone knows how. If you’re unsure on how to get involved with a charity, then why not think about making a birthday an even bigger event and raising awareness by hosting a fundraising event.

Birthdays are a great excuse to get friends, family and colleagues together, so why not you’re your special day into something that benefits an amazing cause and organise a birthday fundraiser.

How Can You Set Up a Birthday Fundraiser?

Step 1: Decide on the charity or causes you wish to raise awareness for so people are clear on what their donation is going towards.

Step 2: Set a fundraising target. This will give you something to aim for and encourage people to help you reach it.

Step 3: Choose what you’re going to do to fundraise. Will it be a solo fundraiser, or do you want people to be able to join in? This will then help you decide on how to promote.

Step 4: Get a date in the diary. Whether it’s happening on your actual birthday or the weekend of, make it clear when you’re arranging it for so people can track your progress. It also means people have enough time to give you support and make it a huge success.

Step 5: Choose your location. If it’s a run, pick your route or if it’s a bigger event such as a cake stall, decide on where this is going to be held.

Step 6: Spread the message. Depending on where you’re hosting your event, it may determine if this can be shared on social media or worth avoiding. If it’s an event you want to promote, consider setting up a page or post on social for people to share with wider friends – you never know who may see it and sponsor you. Don’t forget to tag the charity you’re fundraising for.

Step 7: Share your progress. If it’s a challenge where training is involved, update your supporters with how you’re getting on ahead of the big day.

Top Ideas for Birthday Fundraiser

The sky is the limit when deciding on what to do for a birthday fundraiser but making it fun is key, it is your big day after all. Here are some fundraising ideas that could help you decide;

  • Sky Dive / Bungee Jump – go big with a daring challenge for your birthday fundraiser and test your bravery.
  • Head or Beard Shave – brave the shave and raise some incredible funds for a chosen charity. Many people donate their long locks to be made into wigs whilst the monetary donations go to supporting the lifesaving work.
  • Bake Sale – it’s not a birthday without cake, so why not set up your own bake sale to fundraise. We’ve got some amazing tips and tricks on how to make this a success.
  • Get the running shoes on – Whether you’re an avid runner or it’s something new, why not set a distance goal that you’ve not managed to reach before. Get friends and family to meet you at the finish line and celebrate your birthday in style whilst knowing you’ve raised funds for a great charity.
  • Plan a hiking challenge – whether it’s the three peaks challenge, or even just one of them, if hiking is a doable challenge, then what are you waiting for, get going on a sponsored walk to help raise money.

How Do I Collect Money for my Fundraiser?

There are many ways you can ask for money and collect this ready for passing to your chosen charity. One of the easiest is setting up a fundraising page with the likes of JustGiving. From here you can share the link with friends, family and even wider to get the most for your event.

Another common way is via Facebook Birthday Fundraisers which allows you to use your social channel to connect and promote your challenge to get the word out about your amazing efforts. Here is how to support our cause;

If you prefer the traditional fundraising methods, then reach out to the charity of choice and see if you can get a collection bucket or tins to have at your event. Have one sat at your bake sale stand, have someone stood at the finish line or take with you to the top of a mountain to collect from those who may not have even heard of your birthday fundraising effort; every little bit of promotion helps.

Finally, Tell a Charity of Your Birthday Fundraiser

Charities always want to hear about what people are doing to support their cause and want to offer support in any way possible to make it a success. If this is something you’re planning, get in touch with your chosen charity and see what they may be able to provide and promote to help you smash your targets and make this your best birthday yet.