Sponsored Walks for Charity
Sponsored Walks for Charity

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Sponsored Walks for Charity

Hike the hills, crawl the canals or trek deserts with a challenge taken at your own speed. Charity sponsored walks are perfect for groups, couples and solo walkers.

Take part in one of our charity walks

If running isn’t for you, you can make as much of an impact by taking on a challenge at a slower pace. Charity walks and treks are a great way to fundraise whilst taking in some spectacular views.

There are many organised walks to get involved in, but it’s also easy to arrange your own sponsored event and get a whole team of people behind you. Whether it’s setting a mile target, tackling the 3 peaks, or simply setting a step goal per week, there’s so much scope to make this challenge suitable for your ability and fitness.

How to Decide Between a Charity Walk or Trek?

When deciding on a suitable challenge, it’s worth considering the differences between a trek and a walk but whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s within your capability and don’t put yourself in a situation where you may run into difficulty. All fundraising is appreciated and goes towards helping our lifesaving service.

A trek or hike is:

  • Often carried out on harder terrain
  • Tougher endurance, such as a mountain climb
  • Requires more specialist equipment
  • Requires more training

A walk is:

  • Normally of a shorter distance and smoother terrain
  • Suitable for a wider range of abilities
  • Appropriate for children to participate
  • Can be completed any time day or evening, with night walks being a popular choice

How to Prepare for Your Sponsored Charity Walk

  • 01Suitable Footwear

    Suitable Footwear

    Ankle support is necessary for any mountainous hikes so get a good pair of walking boots. For a road or canal walk, invest in good trainers or walking shoes.

  • 02Blister Proof Socks.

    Blister Proof Socks.

    Regardless of whether your shoes have been worn in, if this is the first time wearing them, blisters are likely, so prevent the onset with suitable socks

  • 03Stay Hydrated

    Stay Hydrated

    Look into getting a backpack with built in water bladder such as a CamelBak to prevent taking heavy bottles.

  • 04Pack sun protection

    Pack sun protection

    Unless your walk is at night, make sure you have protection from the sun including sun cream a hat and cover-up for shoulders and arms.

  • 05Keep Your Energy

    Keep Your Energy

    High energy snacks will be important regardless of how long you’re walking for.

  • 06Have Fun

    Have Fun

    These challenges will be tough but enjoy every moment and take in the surroundings wherever you are.

Charity Walks with a Difference

If you’re looking at ways to make your walk slightly more interesting to attract more fundraising, then why not consider some of these options;

  • Wear fancy dress
  • Carry the weight of our crews kit bags
  • Include your four-legged friends
  • Walk backwards – only advised someone who can guide you.
  • Choose a unique destination
  • Charity Night walk

Sponsored Walk, In Memory of a Loved One

Raise monies by taking part in a walk or trek in memory of a loved one and help the lives of others that may need our services in the future.

Our fundraising team will equip you with everything you’ll need to make this fundraiser special and for you to do your loved ones produce in their memory.

Thank Yous

Thank you

Errwood Fly Fishing & Errwood Sailing Club

Huge thank you to Errwood Fly Fishing Club and Errwood Sailing Club in Derbyshire for raising £450 at their fundraiser in September for Derbyshire Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance.

Thank you

Rugby Self Store

Community Fundraiser, Lee Bunting, surprised the team at Rugby Self Store today for everything they do for your local air ambulance. By providing us with free storage, taking part in #TeamMission challenges and allowing their customers to donate clothing.

Thank you

Jethro’s Ramblers

Jethro’s Ramblers have been supporting Children’s Air Ambulance for three years and they are always looking for new ways to fundraise. To date, they have raised just under £13,000 and we want to send them a Big Thank You!