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Give an hour – Save a life

Air Ambulance Week Collection Hints and Tips

Below are some hints and tips for you to use on the day.

    • Be positive: Keep smiling, make eye contact and be enthusiastic. People respond really well to positivity, and you’ll have a much more fun day.
    • Don’t be shy: Feel free to chat to people. Say good morning or good afternoon. You can ask them for a donation; just don’t overdo it. If people want to talk to you about their experiences, talk to them.
    • Say thank you: And not just to those who give a donation. Thank people who have chosen not to donate at that time as they may well donate a later point.
    • Location, location, location: If you have a choice over where you can stand, then look for places where there are plenty of pedestrians – supermarkets, busy shopping precincts, near zebra crossings, etc.
    • Find your own space: Don’t stand too close to your fellow collectors. You don’t want to create a barrier or cause an obstruction.

WNDLR AAW 2016 Hints collectors

  • Check the regulations: Your collection organiser will give you specific instructions for your area. Make sure you follow these and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them.
  • Equipment check: You’ll be given a tin to collect your donations in and a box to hold the crosses. If you need to empty the tin please do this into one of the grey bags provided and store in a safe place. Your collection organiser will be able to refill your box with crosses.
  • What to wear: Fancy dress is welcome – Believe it or not collectors raise a significant amount more when dressed up – even if it’s just a wig or a hat! If you’re outside make sure you check the forecast the day before. The essentials are a good pair of shoes and warm clothing but the rest is up to you. You will be given a tabard to wear over your outfit so don’t worry about wearing specific colours or any branded clothing you may have.
  • Have fun: We want you to have a fun day and enjoy your day volunteering! Don’t forget to take Take photos and share these online with #ImTheYellowCross.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to give our office a call on 0300 3045 999.

On average our services attend around 1,800 rescue missions per year.

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