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Feel good by doing good by becoming a charity volunteer

There has been much discussion recently around the topic of loneliness in young people, with Manchester Metropolitan University researchers stating that it is now at a high amongst the younger generation.

Young people, especially students, are feeling the pressure of finding a career and their own path, as well as feeling isolated as they have to stand on their own two feet away from family and friends. A re-occurring question seems to be, what do I do and who do I turn to? A solution…Volunteering.

There are numerous benefits of volunteering at any age, particularly in young people, as working with others has a profound effect on your overall psychological health and well-being. You are surrounded by like-minded individuals who you have regular contact with so you can build new friendships and have a solid support system; you no longer feel isolated.

Donating your time also brings fun and fulfilment to your life, there are various activities and events to get involved with where you can meet creative and interesting people from all walks of life. You have a chance to explore your interests and passions which in turn will benefit your career and help you find the path you are meant to be on.

Volunteers are at the heart of everything charities do, such as your local air ambulance, their contribution helps keep helicopters flying to continue saving as many lives as possible; without volunteers, they simply couldn’t fly. If you volunteer, you have a purpose and you make a difference.

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