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Volunteers are the heartbeat of our charity.

The hours our volunteer’s donate help keep our charity boutiques open, they receive and sort donations and contribute vital skills to our offices and warehouses. Their time can be valued at more than £1 million, but to us, it’s priceless.

Our community volunteers build relationships in the community to raise money and awareness for our cause. They attend and speak at events, put out collection tins, some even put on events just to celebrate The Air Ambulance Service and raise funds to help us continue our service.

Watch and see what a day in the life of a volunteer is like and why not come and join us?

Join our events team to help raise money at events throughout the summer and during Air Ambulance Week (10th September).

Find out more about our roles below, and fill in the application form or get in touch for a chat about how you can make a difference.

Collection Tin Collector: Our volunteers build great relationships with businesses in their area, they regularly return to empty the tins and provide a receipt so the business knows how much they are helping. This role requires a high level of responsibility and experience with cash, it’s also vital that you are great with people and enjoy building relationships and you are happy representing The Air Ambulance Service in your area.

Community Volunteer: Our volunteers work together in local teams to  attend events right through the summer. These might be local fairs or fetes, large scale events, or bucket collections our volunteers ensure we have a presence and raise money that we can use to keep our helicopters flying. This role may require some weekend volunteering and in some cases monthly evening meetings with the team to plan for events season. It is a great opportunity to make new friends and really make a difference.

Supporter Group Leader: Our volunteer Group Leaders are vital to maintaining and supporting our local volunteers. They organise monthly or quarterly meetings, inspire and motivate their teams and provide a supportive, positive environment for our volunteers to thrive in. This role will require some previous leadership or management experience and a willingness to put yourself out there and engage with your team. It’s a great opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills as well as building some great community connections and friends.

Speaker: Our volunteer Speakers are charismatic and happy in front of a crowd. We provide the content and they bring it to life. They tell our story and engage and inspire people at events all around their area to get involved. Our Speakers are crucial to raising awareness of our charity, they help raise money and often increase donations in the areas they speak. This role can be challenging as public speaking is at its core but it can be rewarding to build passion for our charity in people.

Office Volunteer: We have offices in Kegworth and Rugby. We are always looking for general administration support to help our team do more but we also have roles requiring specific skills periodically. Our office volunteers are highly skilled and enjoy working in a fast paced environment where we appreciate their knowledge and they can make a difference.

Warehouse Volunteer: We have warehouses in Kegworth and Daventry. Our volunteers help sort donations and help us with our EBay and Amazon services, many of our volunteers find a niche that suits their particular interest. Volunteering in the warehouse can be great fun and it’s endlessly interesting to see what people donate.

Retail Shop Volunteer: Volunteering in our shops is a great way to meet new friends and build new skills. Whether your interest is in retail, merchandising, till skills, in building customer service skills or in making new friends our shops are a great community to be a part of. Our retail shops receive donations and help raise vital funds that keep us flying.

Events Volunteer: We run a series of events over the summer months that help us raise awareness and funds for our charity. These may run on weekends and conclude with a week of fundraising for Air Ambulance Week (10th Sept). We are looking for people who can donate two or three days over the summer and a day during AAW. We will give you all the training and equipment you need. You will be part of a great team for the day, have lots of fun and know that your time is really making a difference.




If you are looking to become a community volunteer then head down to your local supporter group meeting. Details on dates and location can be found here.

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You can apply to become a volunteer below or if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call on 03003 045 999 or email us at volunteering@theairambulanceservice.org.uk.

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On average our services attend around 1,800 rescue missions per year.

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