Why we fly

Emily’s Story

“It was really scary when I broke my hip. I’ve had a big operation and they’ve put three screws in my leg. I think it’s amazing that the helicopter came to get me. I’ll never forget them.”

Emily Hayes

In September 2015 Emily was on a school trip with her friends when she fell from some rocks. Emily had broken her right hip and was in immense pain.

Her grandfather had driven the school minibus to woods in Derbyshire. When he heard that one of the children had been hurt and required the help of the air ambulance, he was understandably worried. His fears were realised when the rest of the class returned to the bus, all except for his granddaughter.

When the community first responder arrived it was clear Emily needed pain relief. Our air ambulance was called and just 13 minutes later our crew were kneeling beside Emily. Our doctor gave Emily advanced pain relief, before she was splinted and packaged ready to transfer to the aircraft. Emily was transferred in a 4×4 out of the woods to our waiting helicopter where she was then flown to Royal Derby hospital.

Emily was in hospital for five days after the accident. She had an operation to mend here broken hip and had to wear a hip spica plaster for five weeks and use a zimmer frame and crutches until she was able to walk.

Just a few months later Emily and her friends have been raising funds for our local air ambulance who came to her rescue.