Why we fly

Michael’s Story

“I’m so thankful the air ambulance was there to fly me that day. I love playing football, and after the accident I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play again. But just a year later, I was back out on the pitch.”

Michael Gilham

Micheal was out enjoying his favourite hobby when he was hit by car. His injuries could have potentially ended his dreams of football stardom.

Michael was just 12 years old when he was out playing with friends and involved in a terrifying accident. He was just crossing a road when he was knocked down by a car. Michael suffered multiple injuries including a fractured collar bone, tibia and fibula.

Within minutes our helicopter arrived at the scene. Our crew gave him pain relief and stabilised his legs, before airlifting him to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Michael spent a week in Birmingham Children’s Hospital after his surgery to fix his fractures and he had to have physiotherapy to help him walk again. Michael is a keen footballer and was told he had potential. After the accident it looked like he might not return to football. A year later Michael was back in his teams’ shirt playing the game he loved.