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How can Cyber Weekend make a difference to charities?

There’s a day for all occasions, but some are bigger events that everyone knows about and can get on board with – and one of these is Cyber Weekend.

Charities can benefit massively from Cyber Weekend but not just in the sense of people buying online. ‘Cyber’ means a relationship with technology, so whether it’s sharing their posts, promoting their online stores or calling out the great finds from their shops, you can support them without spending a penny.

What is Cyber Weekend?

Originating in America, Cyber weekend starts on Black Friday which is a day of deals following Thanksgiving. The big discounts were mainly been on tech items such as laptops, televisions and games consoles, but due to the success of this, many other retailers have jumped on board and now look at giving great discounts on other items too. From clothing to pet supplies, Cyber Weekend has now become the chance for people to pick up a bargain either for themselves or as a chance to start Christmas shopping early.

Charities and Cyber – How Can You Support Both

Following Cyber Monday, many charities felt that there was unnecessary pressure to spend money on items that weren’t needed and contributed to mass wastage. From this, a day for giving back to charity and encouraging people to spend money on good causes was born and coined as #GivingTuesday.

But some charities still want to be involved in Cyber weekend due to the fact they already offer great prices which are competitive with big brand stores. A lot of charities also have eBay and Amazon accounts which allow people to shop even easier than before.

It’s neither right nor wrong to want to grab a good deal but thinking about where you’re spending your money is an important consideration, and whether the money you save could then go on to help good causes. If you’re after items that are available all year round from a charity for the same or lower cost of a deal being presented for ‘Cyber Weekend only’, maybe consider weighing up how good that deal really is.

What Difference Does Cyber make to Charities?

There are many ways that cyber weekend can make a difference;

  • Raises awareness for services including shops both online and offline.
  • Showcases the opportunities to get involved in events, challenges and the community.
  • Provides a way for people to share far and wide the cause of a charity and how they work.
  • Engage with both new and existing supporters.

What Can You Do to Help Charities during Cyber Weekend 2022?

  • Follow your favourite charities on their social channels and see what they have going on that you can get involved in.
  • Share some of your favourite things about the charity you follow and why people should support them.
  • Retweet, Like and post about the amazing way others can get involved and the activity that is going on around this time of year.
  • Shop online and in-store.

For more information on how to get involved during Cyber Weekend, make sure you stay in touch on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.