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3 ‘No New’ Year resolutions to Help Make a Difference in 2020

Being green is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and with the count down occurring until we’re unable to reverse the environmental damage we’ve created, every year is crucial.

As an air ambulance charity, we understand the impact our helicopters have, and so we aim to offset the carbon footprint we create when saving lives with initiatives in other areas such as recycling, reuse and the products we release to the public urging support. You can find more about these here.

So, how can you make an impact for 2020?

Say no to fast fashion

Did you know that the biggest cause of plastics in our oceans is from clothing? The increase in materials made with fibres that harm our waterways during washing means that buying clothes second hand could help to reduce the ‘fast’ manufacturing we’ve become used to.

With so many different ways to get your clothes, who needs to rely on next day delivery? Get down to your local charity shop and scout for some amazing buys. Failing that, research ethical clothing brands who are trying to use organic materials and manufacturing processes, or even those that turn old clothes into something new.

Say no to disposable packaging

Throwaway containers add to landfill as there aren’t often enough recycling bins in public areas to separate the materials or they can’t be recycled due to grease and food waste contaminating the material. To avoid having to dispose of stuff, say no to packaging by taking your own. Whether it’s a reusable coffee cup, tote bag or refillable water bottle, every bit helps if you don’t have to rely on convenience.

Say no to fad sales

Whether it’s the ‘Unmissable Summer sale’, ‘Black Friday Bonanza’ or ‘End of Season Savers’, buying cheaper items through sale often comes at a price; to the environment. Many of these are online exclusives, which means drivers are out and about delivery parcels quicker than even Santa could manage. Although it’s great to buy online, don’t fall for the fads; the high street stores have amazing deals and yes, it may mean dragging yourself outside, but there are bargains to be had all year round, not just when it suits.

Small changes make big impacts and by forgetting the traditional new year’s resolutions, you can help to do your bit for the environment and even your pocket!