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Saving lives is our highest priority but we need your help to continue our lifesaving work.

“I’m Janet, a Critical Care Paramedic at your local air ambulance. Saving lives is our highest priority but we need your help to continue our lifesaving work. As soon as the red telephone rings the team will be ready to spring into action. We’ll get a quick rundown of what the job is and we’ll be in the air in as little as three minutes – on our way to another potentially lifesaving mission. Once enroute we are given an Alpha call sign, giving us highest priority amongst other aircraft – enabling our crew to get to the scene as quickly as possible.

It’s important for our critical care crew to get to the patient quickly. With our advanced training, specialist drugs, and the expertise of a doctor we are effectively able to bring the emergency department to the roadside, giving the patient the very best chance of survival

On arrival at the scene, I’ll introduce myself to the crew from the ambulance service, fire, or police services and find out how we can best support at the scene. They’re often glad to see our orange uniform, even if they don’t know us personally, as they know we have a lot of training on the high severity, less frequently encountered jobs. We’ll often be given a handover, including an overview of the injuries or symptoms and then we’ll start treating the patient.

Once the patient is stabilised, we’ll often accompany them to the hospital, continuing treatment on the way. When the patient is handed over to the hospital, the helicopter is cleaned, restocked, and our crew are reunited. We’re then back online and ready for the next mission.”

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As you may already know, we operate at no cost to the NHS as we receive no government or National Lottery funding for our daily missions.  Are you able to donate today to help us save more lives, like Daffyd’s?

Being a Critical Care Paramedic is literally the best job in the world. Janet Holmes, Critical Care Paramedic