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Knowing we have so many loyal supporters, just like you, proves to be a huge motivation for our critical care crews. Your kind donations allow us to continue attending potentially lifesaving missions in our communities. In 2020, one of the missions that we attended was to deliver pre-hospital emergency care to Jim.

Jim, 48, was cycling up a hill in the Peak District when he was involved in a collision with an oncoming motorcyclist. The impact severed his right leg below the knee, he sustained an open fracture of his pelvis and a broken shoulder.

Jim remembers being treated by the air ambulance crew who put a tourniquet on his leg. He was given pain relief before being secured to a special “scoop stretcher” and then was loaded on to the helicopter. He clearly remembers being briefed about the noise it would make and how to communicate with the doctor sitting alongside him by using a thumbs up or down signal to indicate how he was feeling.

Due to the severity of his injuries, it was imperative to get Jim to the definitive care and subsequent surgery he needed as quickly as possible. It took just 11 minutes to fly him to the nearest Major Trauma Centre with a helipad. Three days after he was admitted to hospital Jim underwent major surgery. If you are able, please donate today to help others like Jim.

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As you may already know, we operate at no cost to the NHS as we receive no government or National Lottery funding for our daily missions.  Are you able to donate today to help us save more lives, like Jim’s?

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