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We were there to help when 13-year-old Ryan was involved in a serious collision with a car, whilst cycling home from school.

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Ryan sustained serious brain injuries when his head hit the ground. As he was having seizures, Ryan was put into an induced coma at the scene by the air ambulance clinicians. Ryan’s condition was life-threatening, and his best chance of survival was to be taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

As it was dark and the hospital had no landing pad, it wasn’t possible to take Ryan to hospital in the helicopter. So our doctors and paramedics, along with the land ambulance crew, went with him. Despite the odds, Ryan was brought out of his coma and was eating, drinking, talking, and walking within three weeks. Then, just one week later, he was discharged from hospital.

We’d be incredibly grateful if you could make a donation to allow us to carry on saving the lives of people like Ryan.

Read more about how we have helped others like Ryan across our 5 counties. Many people rely on our services every day and the impact that your donations have on our vital services is literally life saving.

Make A Will Week June 2020

If you need to make a Will or update your current Will, please consider taking part in our next Make A Will Week, to ensure that the people you love, and the charities you support, are remembered in yours. Gifts in Wills fund 1 in 7 of our lifesaving missions, and are a way many people choose to help us.

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