Corporate Partnerships
Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partners

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If your company is looking to have a positive impact in the local area, choosing your local area may just be the perfect partnership for you.  Adding to your credibility in the region, the local community respond very favourably and positively when The Air Ambulance Service is chosen as a charity partner, regardless of how long.

Join us and make a difference to where your offices and staff are based and enjoy the benefits of a local partnership with our incredible charity.

To provide our service, we need your support.  Could you adopt us as your Charity Partner as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility? There are so many ways we can engage and support you, whether you have one large office, or many locations across the country; we will be able to give you the help you need to make your fundraising as fun and rewarding as possible and fits with the philanthropy of the company.

Working with many of our departments across the charity, we will align with you to ensure our partnership is a varied and engaging as possible, and with our years of expertise in this area, we will be able to provide the advice, support and collateral you’ll need.

Corporate Partnerships

Testimonial author
We had a great time at both Kegworth and Daventry warehouses – the people looking after us in both locations were fantastic. I was in Kegworth and Dawn and Lucy looked after us very well, giving us plenty of support. Just lovely ladies too! Tara Williams, Sainsburys, Anstey

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