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Christmas Appeal to Help Save a Life Like Rosie's

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The Air Ambulance Service saved Rosie’s life when she was thrown from the back of her Dad’s motorcycle in 2017.

Despite wearing protective gear, she landed with such force that she sustained horrendous injuries. But thanks to your generosity, she is able to spend Christmas with her family.

With no government funding, we rely on generous donations from people like you, helping to save thousands of people, like Rosie, every year.

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Every mission is critical. Your donation will help the air ambulance save lives. Donate today to keep us flying into the New Year.

Our Thank Yous

Thank you

Helen Nuttall

Former patient Helen Nuttall learnt to walk again after being involved in a road traffic collision and has raised over £1,200 for The Air Ambulance Service by completing a one-mile challenge. We couldn't be more proud of her achievement.

Thank you

Pick Me Up Pallet from Blue Light Card

Huge thank you to Blue Light Card for the pick me up pallet that was delivered to our airbase last week. The goodies were hugely appreciated by all of our crew who have been working so hard to continue our services in difficult circumstances.

Thank you

Hankook Tyres

Thank you to Hankook Tyres for their continued support of our lifesaving services