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What Do Charity Shops Want? Top Things to Donate

Charity shops need stock to keep their shops flourishing with bargain buys both in-store and online. The appeal of shopping at charity stores is the incredible second-hand buys that you may not find anywhere else. From games to furniture, vintage clothing and jewellery, these donations are sought after to help keep footfall in stores and people coming back to browse.

If you’re having a clear out, then there are some items that charity shops welcome for donations that always fly off the shelves.

Seasonal Clothing

It’s understandable that you should have a clear out when one season ends and another starts, but charity shops need items that are for the current season to keep shoppers buying for the now. If you’re updating your winter clothes in Autumn, then donate last years to charity at the same time. Clearing space for a new summer wardrobe? Get to your local charity shop and drop off your shorts, t-shirts and dresses to help raise funds in the summer.

Ladies Fashion

Have items you’ve never worn? Or maybe a dress that’s only seen the light of day once? Good quality ladieswear flies off the shelves and charities need to keep rails stocked with handbags, shoes and ladies tops which are the most popular products. If you have items that someone else could make use of, then bag up and donate to charity to clear space for those items that you love.

Working Tech Gadgets

You may not realise you can donate your old laptops, phones, or tablets, but these can bring in much needed donations for charities. If a product is complete and in working order, then there’s no reason it can’t be sold on. Before donating, you’ll need to make sure you’ve signed out and deleted all of your apps before handing any gadgets over, but if you’re donating to The Air Ambulance Service, we’ll go that step further and data wipe everything using the same software as the Ministry of Defence.


Good quality menswear is always sought after. Clean and tidy suits, shoes, shirts and jackets are big sellers in charity shops, so get donating if you’re looking to clear some wardrobe space. Accessories such as ties, bowties, braces and belts are also items that get snapped up and always help to piece together an outfit.

Children’s Toys

Puzzles and children’s toys are important for charity shops as they offer affordable items for children who grow and change their minds so quickly. Charities will accept good quality toys, however, jigsaws need to have all the pieces and ideally the lid and bottom taped up to prevent losing any pieces in transit. Board games are always a hit if they include all elements, but if you’re ever in doubt of what will be accepted you can always check with the store.

Clean and usable furniture

Second-hand furniture is welcomed and with a rise in upcycling and renovations, some pieces sell as soon as they hit the shop floor. Good quality sofas are always sought after due to the reduced price a second-hand sofa costs compared to brand new. If you’re looking to donate furniture, make sure it fits the following criteria;

  • Fire labels on upholstered furniture
  • No rips, tears or obvious signs of damage
  • No stains on fabrics
  • All complete e.g drawers in tables, handles on units, rails in wardrobes


Ornaments, limited edition toys or collectable crockery are all items that are wonderful additions to charity shop shelves. Maybe you have a piece of a set and are no longer interested in collecting, or maybe you have a full collection that isn’t getting the love it deserves. If you have something that would pique the interest of other collectors, then charities can often make great donations from it in-store or on from their online auctions.

For any more information on what donations we’d love to receive, pop into your local shop and speak to one of our staff who will be more than happy to help.