Why we fly

Anthony’s Story

“If it wasn’t for the air ambulance crew I wouldn’t have made the 25 miles to the hospital. I’m lucky to be here and it’s all thanks to them.”

Anthony Watts

It was a normal Saturday morning for Tony, when his world was turned upside down by a medical emergency.

Tony was sat in his favourite armchair having just finished breakfast on a Saturday morning when he had a heart attack. His wife immediately noticed something was wrong and called 999. Thankfully the paramedic who attended called for an air ambulance that arrived within minutes.

It was a struggle for the crew to get Tony to the aircraft through a muddy field. They crew ended up covered in mud as they transferred him to the helicopter in order to fly him to University Hospitals Coventry and Wawickshire. Tony was still lucid at this point and even got told off for trying to look out of the aircraft. However, he needed careful monitoring, Tony was still dangerously ill.

When Tony got to Coventry his heart stopped again. Tony says “I can remember hearing the doctor shouting for a crash cart. Strangely I wasn’t alarmed by this but instead I was very calm. Then I passed out.” His heart stopped one more time after this before receiving surgery to have a stent fitted.