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Charity Clothes Collection During Lockdown – Where Can You Donate?

There’s never been a time where cleaning has been more important or more prominent in everyone’s day to day. People are making sure their hands, their clothes and their homes are germ-free whilst the pandemic spreads from nation to nation. But with so much uncertainty, people are unsure who are collecting and where they can donate clothes, toys and other gems unearthed during their spring clean.

Charity shop donations during COVID

At times like this, charities are often hit hardest as people understandably aim to cut back their outgoings in order to provide for themselves and families. But fortunately, there are ways people can still support without spending and keeping their home clean and tidy.

Are charity shops collecting during lockdown?

No, charity shops across England are closed throughout the lockdown period. However, when this ends, shops will be open for donation drops offs and for shopping.

Where can I donate clothes during lockdown?

You can donate your clothes and other pre-loved items to us during lockdown by dropping off at your local clothing or toy bank, as long as this is part of an essential journey already being taken and all government guidelines are being followed.

You can also take advantage of postal donations, where we offer a free post label for donations to be posted to our warehouse and distributed to stores and our online shop.


Donating Toys

If your children are home more than ever before, you’re probably finding that there’s only so many toys or games they play with. With new and creative ways to keep them occupied, shared by celebs and families across the globe, many toys could be donated to charity through donation banks.

Whilst we’re not encouraging people to venture outside unless necessary, as per Government Guidelines, by putting items aside for when normality does return, donations will help charities raise vital funds that have been hit hard by shop closures.

Donating Clothes

There has been a spike in people shopping online since the temporary closure of high street shops and sales of loungewear have been one of the most popular trends with more people working from home. Although this is circumstantial, as people start to get back to normal, these clothes may not be needed so will end up being sidelined for regular fashion – which is where charities come in!

If you’re cleaning out your wardrobe, donations of good quality clothes are the perfect way for charities to get an extra income. From selling online to re-stocking shops post lockdown, clothes are always sought after, especially now. Of course, if you have items that you wish to sell yourself, perhaps consider if there are any charities that some of the proceeds could go towards that will make a huge difference and ensure services can continue to run.

Donating Furniture and General Bric-a-Brac

With the weather improving getting out in the shed and garage may provide a change in scenery from the rest of the house. Keeping busy is important, so clearing out perfectly good or useful items that may have otherwise been intended for the tip, gives you no choice but to tidy up and put aside until lockdown is lifted.  However, bric-a-brac, furniture and larger items can be collected by road teams when normality returns which:

  • Saves you a trip to the dump
  • Helps keep working and quality items from landfill
  • Helps raise funds for worthwhile causes.

Donate to The Air Ambulance Service

So, if you’re finding cupboards are being rearranged, junk rooms are being stripped bare and sheds are being decluttered, think of how your old items may be treasure for someone else. Because when all of this is finally over, charities like The Air Ambulance Service will still be continue to save lives and in need of the support of those nationwide.