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Melton Wombles matter to local lifesaving charity

Melton Wombles matter to local lifesaving charity

The dedicated Melton Matters Wombles have donated vital funds to the local Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance (DLRAA).

The local community group- known for their brilliant work cleaning up the Melton borough- have been collecting aluminium cans, crushing them, and then sending them onto a scrap merchant. The funds received in return have then been donated directly to the charity, in a bid to help it continue saving lives in the community.

The group’s hard work and commitment has not only generated funds for the charity – which relies on public donations to remain operational – but has also helped divert tonnes of aluminium cans from landfill.

“We are absolutely thrilled to celebrate the hard work and determination of the Melton Matters Wombles, not only to help keep our vital frontline service operational but to also improve our community environment for generations to come,” said Vicky Evans, DLRAA Community Fundraising Executive.

Using methods such as community collections and litter picking hedgerows and verges, the group’s clean-up commitment has raised a commendable £1,905.60 – funding a potentially lifesaving mission.

“Each of our missions costs £1,700 and we rely on community support like this to keep us flying. We receive no government funding, so with The Wombles raising an incredible £1,905.60 with their unique method of fundraising, they have potentially saved a life,” added Vicky.

Donations like these are vital for the charity which provides the people of Leicestershire with emergency pre-hospital critical care when they need it most – especially after the losses incurred at the recent Melton Mowbray charity superstore break-in.

The Wombles are always looking for more volunteers to help and can be found on Facebook at ‘Melton Matters Wombles’.