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Guilt Free Shopping – 5 Tips for Finding Charity Bargains

The need to change our buying habits has never been more important for the planet, human ethics, and the animal kingdom. With man-made products outweighing that of living things on Earth, we must think about what we truly need and how our actions impact the planet.

Charity and preloved shopping is the way forward for people wanting to be more conscious of what they’re buying, looking to save some money and also help a great cause, but it can be tricky to know where to start. We have 5 top tips for charity shopping to help get those great buys.

Tip 1: Shop with an Open Mind

Whether it’s a new pair of black trousers, Adidas trainers or a glass coffee table, we shop in places that are bound to have exactly what we want. When shopping second-hand sometimes there needs to be a little bit of compromise to finding what you want as there are one-off items, not reams of the same item in different colours, styles and trends. Rather than a glass table, you may find a perfect wooden table, or instead of Adidas, you may find a bargain Reebok pair that are just what you’re looking for.

Tip 2: Go InStore

Online shopping is often the preferred method for ease and convenience, but high streets need your support. Many charities still have a strong presence in town and city centres and have an abundance of items that may not be stocked in their online stores. Many charities are now also branching out to retail parks and have charity superstores that offer a completely different shopping experience and even have cafes and play areas for you or your little ones to enjoy whilst you shop.

Also, by going in-store you can find out more about what a charity does and how your donations help a great cause. There are other opportunities presented in-store that you may not have considered either, such as volunteering, fundraising events or even getting your children involved with a charity to support raising awareness.

Tip 3: Follow Charities on Social Media

Get following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep informed on the latest updates and bargains. Many charity shops will have their own Facebook pages to showcase some of their amazing stock, window displays and other deals they have on. By knowing what’s going in your local stores, you stand the best chance of grabbing a bargain before anyone else.

Tip 4: Bid Online

Auction sites are the perfect way to grab a bargain, and you’ll find charities have an eBay store that helps them to generate funds from items that have been donated via post, collection bags or kerbside pickup. By bidding for an item, you can browse for as long as you need, save and watch items as well as buy it now if it’s something you simply can’t live without.

Tip 5: Specialist Charity Shops

Need a wedding dress? Looking for furniture? Want boutique buys? Charity shops will often have specialist shops that provide only these items to make it easier to have the pick of the bunch. If you don’t want to spend ££s on a wedding dress, then look at a charity shop that often has ex-display or samples as well as second-hand dresses to meet modest budgets and still allow you to look stunning on your special day.

Moving house? Home specific charity shops are the best place to grab all the items you need at a fraction of the price; some charity shops even have new white goods available that have been donated by big brands.

If you’re looking for ways to update your wardrobe without contributing to the mass production of poor-quality clothing, then charity shops will become your best friend. As well as finding some interesting buys, you may also find you save some pennies and have a guilt-free conscience as you help great causes along the way.