How to Host A Virtual Gaming Fundraiser
How to Host A Virtual Gaming Fundraiser

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How to Host A Virtual Gaming Fundraiser

Combine your passion of gaming with raising funds for charity through an online gaming fundraiser.

Your Fundraising Pack

Online gaming is vast becoming one of the most popular ways to fundraise for Charity and it’s easy to see why. Whether it be showing off your skills and live streaming yourself to a wide following all from the comfort of your gaming chair at home, to inviting your friends to join in with a virtual tournament to really see once and for all who is the ‘Mario Kart Champion Supreme’.

Raising money for your favourite Charity, whilst doing all of the above, has never felt easier and below we are going to talk you through how to get yourself set up and fundraising through online gaming.

Step by Step Fundraising Guide

Choose your players

 One player –get yourself online and show off your gaming skills in a live streaming marathon. Ask for a set donation to your fundraising pot from those who want to login and watch.

Set up a profile on Twitch – a popular live stream gaming platform that’s quick and easy to use

Think about which game you enjoy playing the most and set yourself a time frame for how long your live streaming marathon is going to take place.

Throw in extra challenges to your stream for extra donations e.g. invert your controls, do a silly dance, take on forfeits.

Multiplayer – host a gaming night for you and your friends. Ask friends to pay a donation into your fundraising pot. This could be for taking part or spectating.

Choose a date and time that will work best for all of your players and then work out how the tournament will work – winner stays on or perhaps a leader board with a point system. You may just use a tournament mode already built into your chosen game.

Make things interestingallow players to add in new rules, at the cost of an extra donation – for example, all players have to play a round using only one hand.

Set up a JustGiving page

JustGiving allows people to donate their spectator or participation fee without using cash. They can pay securely online knowing that their donation will be going directly towards supporting our lifesaving services.

 You can put the link to your fundraising page right onto your Twitch livestream as well as link your Twitch livestream video on your JustGiving page too

When you send out the invite for your gaming marathon, include the link to your JustGiving page too – that way your players can pay the agreed participation fee quick and easy before the main event.

Games Away

You’ve set your date and got your friends involved, now all that’s left to do is to get your event underway!

Shout about it on your social media pages

Let us know what you’re doing to help raise vital funds for us and don’t forget to tag us in your posts as we would love to see your support!

Hints and Tips

  • When live streaming, keep doing regular shout outs to your donors and keep them engaged
  • At your games night offer an extra life…at a price
  • Keep reminding people of why you are doing this and who you are supporting

Things to Remember

  • Please ensure you are following the most up to date Government guidance when completing any activity that requires you to leave your home or have contact with others, outside of your own household


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