Christmas Appeal

Can you help keep our helicopter flying and saving lives like Jessica?

This Christmas our helicopter will be flying in the skies above you. You can help by giving whatever you can and donating today.

Four year old Jess was out with her family when she unexpectedly ran into the road and into straight into oncoming traffic. East Midlands Ambulance Service were quickly on scene and realising that time was vital, called out our crew.

Jess had suffered major trauma to her head, as well as visible trauma from the crash and was transferred to Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital.

I just kept thinking – Oh my god my child is going to die in my arms. Then I heard the helicopter and there was a sea of orange people. It means the world that the air ambulance could be there that day – the doctors have told me that if she had travelled by road she wouldn’t have made it. The air ambulance crew saved her life.
Katie, Jess’s mum

Jess was placed in an induced coma at the hospital and when awoken had to relearn to swallow, talk, sit up, stand and walk. Remarkably she was discharged from hospital 18 days later and is now bouncing around as if nothing every happened.

It’s donations from people like you that helped save the life of little Jess. Give whatever you can afford to keep our crew where they need to be this Christmas.

Learn more about Jess’s story here.

On average our services attend around 1,800 rescue missions per year.

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