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Charity Shop Wedding Styles For Every Budget

Your local charity shop may not be the first port of call on your list of places to find your dream wedding dress or bridal outfit, but we’re here to show you that could be a huge mistake.

With the average wedding costing in the region of £16k – £30k, finding ways you can cut down on costs is always favourable. Read on to find how The Air Ambulance Service shops could help you keep within budget with fantastic donated wedding items, perfect for any season.

Main Dress: West Bridgeford shop Short Dress, Veil & Shoes: Wigston shop


Trousers, Top & Overdress: Bakewell shop Hat: Ashby shop


Pageboy and Flower Girl outfits: Wigston shop

All of our outfits are dependent on what we get donated so we can’t guarantee the above will be available but we welcome you to visit your nearest store to browse our stock. For a list of all our charity shops or to find your nearest store, you can visit our Store Finder.