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West Midlands NHS support worker Ellie Milner, was at the top of a remote hill in the Peak District when she had the most severe asthma attack of her life. Can you imagine how terrified she must have been?

Our critical care paramedics, doctors and pilots attend an average of ten emergency missions like this every day of the year. They help to provide urgent lifesaving care due to accidents and medical emergencies at workplaces and sporting events, on the roads and in our homes. But on average, each mission costs £1,700.

That’s an average of £8,500 every day to provide the lifesaving services our community needs, services that are there for thousands of local people and their families.

Ellie’s partner, Joe raised the alarm and, thankfully, one of our helicopters was able to come to the rescue, landing in a nearby field. “Prior to being loaded onto the aircraft, the air ambulance team were becoming more concerned about my condition,” Ellie said. “They made the decision to anaesthetise me so that they could take over my breathing during the flight to hospital.”

Ellie was flown to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield where she was put on a life support machine for 48 hours. A few days later, Ellie “felt a lot better” and was able to attend a planned appointment with the respiratory nurse specialist at the local hospital.

Imagine if you, a friend, or your child, mum or dad needed urgent medical care due to a car accident or heart attack. I’m sure you’d want them to have the best chance of survival and recovery. And that’s exactly what our services provide. Our helicopters can fly at up to 185mph and carry the very latest lifesaving equipment. We hope that you, or someone you love, will never need our services, but if they do, please help us to be there.

Your donation today will help our lifesaving critical care crews be there for more people like Ellie.

Testimonial author
If the helicopter crew hadn’t treated me at the scene that day or flown me to hospital, who knows what could have happened... I thought the air ambulance was part of the NHS and I had no idea that it is a charity. Without donations it might not have been there to help me when I needed it. Ellie, NHS Worker

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Errwood Fly Fishing & Errwood Sailing Club

Huge thank you to Errwood Fly Fishing Club and Errwood Sailing Club in Derbyshire for raising £450 at their fundraiser in September for Derbyshire Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance.

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Rugby Self Store

Community Fundraiser, Lee Bunting, surprised the team at Rugby Self Store today for everything they do for your local air ambulance. By providing us with free storage, taking part in #TeamMission challenges and allowing their customers to donate clothing.

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Jethro’s Ramblers

Jethro’s Ramblers have been supporting Children’s Air Ambulance for three years and they are always looking for new ways to fundraise. To date, they have raised just under £13,000 and we want to send them a Big Thank You!