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Patient Stories

Dafydd, 22, was travelling home on his motorcycle when he was involved in a collision with a car.

He was knocked off his bike and the next thing he remembers is waking up in hospital. He suffered numerous injuries including fracturing his left femur, both wrists and his jaw as well as sustaining head injuries.

Just 17 minutes after receiving the call-out, your local air ambulance were at the scene of the accident joining the land ambulance crew who had started treating Dafydd at the scene. Our critical care team administered pain relief drugs and medication to assist with the clotting process to control blood loss, before loading him onto the helicopter. He was then flown to the nearest major trauma hospital 50 miles away in just 19 minutes.

Saving lives is our highest priority, if you are able, please donate today to help save more people like Dafydd.

You never think you will need to be flown in an air ambulance but, as it turns out, I did. What they do is incredible, and I am very grateful to them for getting me to hospital so quickly. Dafydd

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Our Thank Yous

Thank you

Rugby Self Store

Community Fundraiser, Lee Bunting, surprised the team at Rugby Self Store today for everything they do for your local air ambulance. By providing us with free storage, taking part in #TeamMission challenges and allowing their customers to donate clothing.

Thank you

Jethro’s Ramblers

Jethro’s Ramblers have been supporting Children’s Air Ambulance for three years and they are always looking for new ways to fundraise. To date, they have raised just under £13,000 and we want to send them a Big Thank You!

Thank you

Josey Moore

For the Big Thank You, Community Fundraiser, Lee Bunting, surprised volunteer Josey Moore. Josey raises awareness, manages community collections and holds events and has helped to raise a fantastic £44,163. Thank You to Josey and her friends.