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Celebrating the Life of Friend and Colleague on Alexandra’s Day

Alexandra joined The Air Ambulance Service in 2010 and made a huge impact from day one by contributing so much to what we are today. Those who were fortunate enough to really know her will remember the incredible person she was. To those who didn’t know her, we ask that you be mindful and appreciate what she did for the charity you see today.

Alexandra was a remarkable woman who grew up in the old Soviet Union as it was. After graduating she left Russia to try and build a better life in the UK.  Alexandra qualified in HR whilst learning a new language and a new way of life. Became a single mum and worked hard to rise to being Deputy CEO at our Charity.  She created and embedded our values of Courage, Compassion and Creativity, which she lived and demonstrated daily in her personal and work lives.  Created a superb learning and development culture and brought a structure and organisation that we all still benefit from to this day.  Alexandra also implemented the policy of independence and employed all of our own paramedics to ensure we could provide a great critical care service despite all others not believing this would work.

Alexandra made an impact on everyone she met.  She shared the CEO’s vision and worked alongside him to be the implementer of his ideas and vision.  Andy states that Alexandra made him a much better CEO and a more rounded individual.  She was tough and passionate about doing what is right and making the best version of yourself.  Alexandra was a great mentor and gave you confidence to believe in yourself.  She would help you work through any issue while empowering you to make the right decision. Alexandra was very focussed but those who had the privilege to know her and work closely with her got to know how compassionate and supportive she also was.  Her mischievous side was great fun. To this day, there are individuals who go to the Bull pub near Blue Skies House and insist the peas must be green !!

Alexandra had to cope with a terminal cancer diagnosis whilst still bringing up her daughter alone and worked for the benefit of others until her final days back in 2018.  She stood for equality and justice and gave everything she had to our work.  She is still missed terribly by those who had the privilege to know her.

The Air Ambulance Service holds an annual ‘Alexandra day’ to remember and celebrate all she stood for and all she achieved.  The next time you see our values on the wall, the next time you celebrate the work our clinicians do, the next time you see The Children’s Air Ambulance fly and the next time you see one of our shops please remember that Alexandra helped make all of those things a reality.