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Where are the best places to shop second hand?

Second hand shopping has increased in popularity and has led to a rise in options of how people can sell and buy their unloved goods. Many people opt for eBay as a starting point, but when it comes to specific items, knowing where the best place to shop for second hand items is advantageous for a great deal. Here we break down some great places that may be selling just what you’re looking for.

Where to buy quality second hand clothes?

There are so many places, both on the high street and online, to get great quality preloved clothes. If you’re looking for a specific brand then looking at online marketplaces such as Depop and Vinted is a great way to browse items that you can guarantee fit or require in different colours to what you already own. With items from Dr Martens, Vans and Levis being sold you’re bound to pick up a great bargain, with many people selling brand new, unworn items for a fraction of the cost of the companies themselves.

If you’re happy to browse items, then support your local high street and discover what charity shops have to offer. From designer goods to everyday essentials, the quality of items in these stores is close to what you’d find brand new. It can take a little more patience, but many charity shops divide their items to be easily browsed, exactly like any other store. You’ll not only find some great purchases but there is the benefit of helping a great cause- with your donations going back into the charity.

For more specialised items such as wedding dresses, suits or school uniforms then Facebook Marketplace can be a great place to start. Setting your radius means you can keep your search local and also ask to view the items before parting with your money. With wedding dresses only being worn once, or sometimes not at all, the money you would have spent can be given to complete any necessary alterations. School uniforms are often outgrown so quickly and expensive to replace that it’s worth seeing what is available locally before buying from new.


Tips for buying second hand toys for children

Toys come and go as children develop and grow or switch interests, so why not get these second hand? Here are some tips for choosing second hand toys and getting a great deal

  • Avoid any toys that have obvious damage or broken parts, including flaking paint
  • Ask about the material of the toys. Refrain from buying anything with lead-based paint or toxic materials
  • Make sure toys are BPA free
  • Check there is no battery corrosion
  • Make sure they’re complete for the main components
  • Make sure they’ve not been tampered with
  • Check the fire safety labels etc

Second hand children’s toys are more than often or not well used. This doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for many more years to come. It’s understanding the type of toy you’re buying and where the wear and tear are to ensure there is no risk to your child. Ripped stickers or superficial scuffs should be fine, but when it comes to the mechanics or any electrics, it’s important to check them thoroughly.


How to buy second hand laptops and phones

New technology is released so often that it’s impossible to keep up with every update and version. If you’re finding that you need a new phone, tablet or laptop then often buying second hand electronics works out to be more cost-effective whilst also helping divert from landfill. So, how can you buy second hand laptops and phones?

  • Don’t expect to get the newest models

Be realistic and appreciate that it’s unlikely you’re going to get the latest model or most recent release second hand, but there are some great bargains to still be had. Even a model that’s two years old has a lot of life in it, but as with all second hand goods, it’s always worth checking the wear and tear it’s had.

  • Always check the condition thoroughly

If something seems too good to be true, it often is. Check the condition of your electronics before parting with your cash. Make sure it has all the leads, fully working keyboard and hard drive, as well as the general condition of the screens, charging ports and signs of repaired damage.

  • The difference between refurbished and ‘as-is’ electronics

Second hand can have different meanings when it comes to electronics so it’s important to know what you’re buying. Refurbished electronics are often trade-ins that have been thoroughly tested, wiped and revamped by a manufacturer, retailer or professional reseller. Some refurbished electronics will come with a warranty giving you the extra security of your purchase.

Buying ‘as-is’ possibly from a marketplace or private seller, the risk may be higher and there won’t be any warranty if there is a problem, but this doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking into.

Some charities sell second hand laptops, mobile phones and tablets which has all been professional data wiped to MOD standards, leaving you safe in the knowledge your electronic is as good as new.

Buying from a charity also helps support their incredible work, so they can help deliver the services that impact lives far and wide.


How much money can I save from buying second hand?

Depending on what you’re buying, second hand purchases can save you pennies or hundred of £s. With so much available both from thrift stores, charity shops and auctions, to individual sellers on Marketplaces, there are bargains to be had.

Sellers are helping to divert away from landfills but then many don’t want to hoard items just to get top dollar for them, so often prices are more reasonable than buying from new. Sellers are also open to offers, so sometimes it can be worth asking if there is wiggle room to get the price lower and get an even better bargain. Offering to collect your item can waiver the postage costs, or if you’re available immediately for the item to be out of their way, you stand a good chance of negotiating.

If you’re still searching for the best places to buy second hand goods then this advice should see you get some amazing buys. From furniture to cars, electronics to clothing so much is available waiting to be snapped up that it’s never been easier for you to find what you’re looking for.