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Sustainability in schools

Sustainability in schools

With sustainability being a key focus for schools, headteachers and business support leaders are continually seeking new opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint.

Eco Teams are becoming more popular, supporting young students in learning about their environment and finding ways to help their schools become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The Children’s Air Ambulance has multiple ways to support the charity in a green way. It can work closely with schools and their Eco Teams to offer solutions which help schools be more sustainable whilst supporting a lifesaving charity.

IT and Technology are rooted in even the smallest of organisations. Many schools find themselves regularly updating a wide variety of equipment and are in turn becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the environmental impact and GDPR restrictions of their technology. The Children’s Air Ambulance’s IT Asset Reuse department can provide a free collection and data-secure solution to this, not only giving schools peace of mind but ensuring their equipment joins the circular economy wherever possible and is reused instead of being recycled or going to landfill.

Lost property within schools- which is often left in the store cupboard unnamed- could also be going to good use as the Children’s Air Ambulance offers free clothing donation banks. The banks not only help to divert tonnes of textiles from landfill, but also provide an incredible source of funding to support the high-speed transfer of critically ill babies and children, flying them from one hospital to another for specialist care.

With over one thousand clothing banks nationwide, each bank funds a lifesaving mission for every 15 times they’re full.

Supporting the vital children’s charity in this way creates a visual aid and talking point for each school curriculum’s focus on reuse and recycling for their students.

Our website is available at: Children’s Air Ambulance – The Air Ambulance Service or for more information, please get in contact with the charity by calling 0300 304 5999 or emailing: [email protected]