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Running into 2019…Part 3

At frost glance, training seemed impossible!nnWell, things haven’t really gone quite to plan… I had managed to avoid any form of illness up until last week where I came down with a temperature, sore throat, blocked up everything and aches and pains like you wouldn’t believe (I was a tad dramatic).nnIt scuppered my training routine as I was down and out for a good few days. However, once I started being able to breathe out of one nostril I did get straight back out there and completed a gruelling 8 miles around my favourite reservoir, another 3 miles around a country park and some quick village laps in between.nnAs soon as I started feeling better, the temperature dropped and we’ve had snow and ice which caused further problem. It’s snow joke, but I actually stacked it just walking to my car so attempting to run seemed like a liability. As much as I would’ve liked to take that opportunity to have a Netflix binge, I got around the elements by using the indoor bike, doing workout DVDs (I enjoy the Ministry of Sound ‘Pump it Up’ dance workout as it makes things much more entertaining) and gruelling routines with the kettlebell!nnThis weekend I will still venture out in the cold so I don’t get too far behind with my training, I’ll be sure to wrap up, whip the bobble hat out and aim to up my Sunday mileage to 12 miles….nn…I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, watch this space!DonateThanks, Cam