Little patient Freddie goes behind the scenes

We are featuring three of our amazing patient stories in our new Children’s Air Ambulance campaign for “Their Life Above All”.nnLittle Freddie arrived on set of the “Their Life Above All” photoshoot with his mum, Jess to see his real life story being shot.nnFreddie suddenly collapsed at a holiday park on Easter Sunday without any warning. This was his first ever seizure and it left Freddie’s parents frantically fearing the worst for their beautiful toddler. Quickly calling an ambulance, Freddie was taken to the nearest hospital but it was soon decided that he had to be transported urgently to the specialist care team at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London.nn’s when the Children’s Air Ambulance came to the rescue. Within 40 minutes of the call we were there at Freddie’s side. Flying little Freddie took just 19 minutes.nnNow it’s been verified that Freddie has a gene defect causes his body to hold back too much fluid and thus create a seizure. Today, Freddie is a happy, healthy little boy who loves football, clocks and books and who hasn’t had a seizure since.nnIt is through the support of people like you who donate that we are able to keep flying and be there for sick children like Freddie.nnRead about Freddie’s full story and have a look at our TV advert here.