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Goole Academy Raises Funds from Tree Removal

Who knew that tree removal could raise vital funds needed to help keep us in flight!nnWell, Goole Academy in Yorkshire is doing just this with the removal of old, dangerous trees that were present in the school grounds.

The trees which are around 90 years old have been removed for safety reasons, making room for seedlings to be planted for future school children to watch and enjoy.nnOf course, seeing an opportunity to raise some money, the Academy is offering the wood up for grabs to the public to make use of.  All that is asked for is a donation to the Children’s Air Ambulance. Whether it’s to build some amazing furniture, make use within the home or simply have a piece of history of the school, the wood is there for the taking.

If this is of interest and you wish to help us keep our services in flight, then simply email [email protected] to enquire and mark with attention of Nicky Holah, Senior Site Supervisor.