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Former Children’s Air Ambulance patient is now “full of energy” as he celebrates 4th Birthday

Former Children’s Air Ambulance patient is now “full of energy” as he celebrates 4th Birthday

The first day of the second national lockdown won’t stop former Children’s Air Ambulance patient Arlo Sheridan from York enjoying his 4th birthday.

He was just three days old when he was transferred by helicopter from Warwick Hospital to the local hospital in York after being born five weeks prematurely on 5 November 2016 while his parents Sharon and Tom were visiting relatives.

Arlo will be at preschool on his birthday and plans have been made for him to share his special day with his classmates.

“We gave him the option to spend the day with us or go to preschool. He chose preschool! He gets to be with around 20 other kids, we can supply party bits: cakes, balloons, and a piñata for them to celebrate it there and make him feel special for the day,” says Tom.

Arlo’s birthday always reminds his parents of the circumstances of his unexpected arrival.

“We’re forever grateful for the support and help given to us by the Children’s Air Ambulance and all the other families they are there for when needed,” says Tom, who ran the York Marathon last year to raise funds for the national charity, which receives no Government funding.

Because he was born so far from the family’s home, the staff at Warwick Hospital were looking for a way to transfer Arlo to a hospital nearer their home.

They needed the quickest and safest option for a premature baby – and that was the Children’s Air Ambulance.

Sharon was able to accompany Arlo on the flight with a specialist neo-natal team from Embrace – Yorkshire & Humber Infant & Children’s Transport Service – one of the Children’s Air Ambulance’s clinical partners.

It took just 45 mins to make the 150-mile journey to York General Hospital.

Described by his dad as “full of energy”, Arlo is now a happy and active little boy. One of his favourite things is to go to the park on his bike or scooter and he is beginning to enjoy making things.

“He’s very excited about his birthday, Christmas, and especially January when he is due to become a brother for the first time,” says Tom.