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We fly babies and children to the specialist care they urgently need.

Please, donate today to help more children like Oscar.

Please, donate today to help more children like Oscar.

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Just a few hours after Oscar was born by C-section, in June 2019, he started making grunting noises when he was breathing and his oxygen saturation levels plummeted. Oscar was quickly moved into the neonatal unit at the Royal Cornwall Hospital where he was given antibiotics and oxygen, but worryingly he didn’t improve. The doctors began to suspect that he might have something wrong with his heart.

Further tests were carried out at the hospital, in collaboration with specialist paediatric doctors from Bristol Children’s Hospital. It looked as though Oscar had a rare congenital heart malformation called Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venus Return (TAPVR). The doctor’s needed to get Oscar to the specialist care in Bristol within just 48 hours.

That’s when the Children’s Air Ambulance was mobilised.

The Children’s Air Ambulance is a national inter-hospital transfer service that flies critically ill babies and children to receive the lifesaving treatment they need.

The helicopter took off from its base in Oxford and flew to Bristol to pick up a specialist retrieval team to fly them to Royal Cornwall Hospital.

On arrival in Cornwall, the team prepared Oscar for the flight back to Bristol Children’s Hospital and accompanied him in the helicopter – which took just 54 minutes to complete the transfer. The same journey by road would have taken nearly three hours.

Please, consider donating today to help save more young lives like Oscar’s.

When we were told that the Children’s Air Ambulance was coming for Oscar we were shocked and so pleased that he was going to be taken to where he needed to be. Clare, Oscar's Mum

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