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The speed of our service helped to save Autumn-Rose’s life.

Autumn-Rose went on a lifesaving journey that wouldn’t have been possible without the Children’s Air Ambulance.

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Mum-to-be Kerri was on holiday with her partner Shane in Beccles, Suffolk when she became concerned that she hadn’t felt her baby move for a while. After going to the nearest hospital in Great Yarmouth, Kerri needed an emergency c-section when she was just 33 weeks pregnant.

Luckily, Autumn-Rose was delivered safely, weighing just 4.8lbs. She was taken to the special baby unit for specialist care. However, it became clear that Autumn-Rose would need specialist care for quite some time, so the family had to get back to their hometown of Ashford, Kent to continue her treatment as it wasn’t feasible for them to stay in Suffolk.

That’s when the Children’s Air Ambulance was mobilised.

Just two days after her birth, the Children’s Air Ambulance was mobilised to transfer her the 174-miles to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford. The journey in the helicopter took just 48-minutes, five times faster than her parents later travelled by road.

26-days after Autumn-Rose was born, she was able to be taken home.

Autumn-Rose looked so safe and I knew she was in good hands. It was such an unexpected situation for me to find myself in and the helicopter pilots and team were amazing. Kerri, Autumn-Rose's Mum

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