Challenge Event 2021

Channel Swim Relay Sponsor A Team Today

We have teams taking part in the challenge of a lifetime by swimming the channel to raise vital funds for the Children's Air Ambulance.

Support Our Swimmers and Their Journey

Support Our Swimmers

Children’s Air Ambulance is holding a Channel Swim Relay event between the 10th and 14th June 2021 and are looking for sponsors to help support our teams taking part.

Teams will be covering the 22 miles between Dover and Calais, in teams of six, and will take it in turns to swim the channel in rotation. This challenge is a physical and mental challenge that can only be achieved with support, will power and the right preparation. We’re looking to offer all we can to help spur our swimmers on to complete a lifetime achievement and focus all their energy on preparing for this incredible feat.

Each swimmer has a fundraising target of £1,800 so need support to help reach their goal.

How We’re Supporting Our Teams

We are taking care of all the necessary arrangements, leaving swimmers to focus on training, including weekends that will be available in Dover to help our teams prepare.

Each swimmer will also receive a welcome pack that includes everything you need to get started including application forms, fundraising information and of course, training tips. There are resources that we recommend to help prepare for the big day.

Ongoing support, promotion and resource are what we’re able to provide to our swimmers to ensure they feel confident and ready to take it. We’re incredibly proud of everyone who has signed up so far and looking forward to seeing the dedication pay off.


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