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Berkshire boy helps keep national Children’s Air Ambulance flying

Berkshire boy helps keep national Children’s Air Ambulance flying

A Berkshire boy, who despite being restricted by lockdown, still dedicated his time to fundraising for the vital Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) national charity.

Alfie Bignell organised a sponsored run and has been making and selling acorn bird feeders, as well as other things, in the hope to raise enough money to keep the TCAA’s AgustaWestland 169 helicopter flying for 30 minutes.

Operated by The Air Ambulance Service, The Children’s Air Ambulance is an inter-hospital transfer service flying critically ill babies and children from one hospital to another for specialist care.

With their ability to fly approximately four times faster than a land ambulance, they can minimise travel times and the risk for little patients.

The eight-year-old from Reading is a member of #TheCrew, an exciting club for children, linked to the lifesaving charity and has already raised over £220, smashing his £171 target!

Tina Munday, Alfie’s mother, says, “I’m so proud of my son, he has done amazing! He has worked so hard and did it all himself, including the ideas of how to raise the money and what to post on his fundraising page.

“He has always been a very kind and caring little boy to others and the delight on his face when he reached his target so that he could help poorly children was so special to be part of and see.”

Youth Development Manager for TCAA, Anoushka Brown adds, “We are so happy that Alfie is enjoying being a member of #TheCrew and we are so grateful for his brilliant fundraising – such a fantastic amount!

“As part of #TheCrew, children can learn about saving lives, helicopters, medicine, fundraising and how a charity works. The club offers advice and teaching on community work, volunteering, working as part of a team and supporting good causes which form part of many school curriculums.”

“It is completely free to join and, once signed up, members will receive an awesome welcome pack.”

Anyone who would like to sponsor Alfie for his great efforts, please visit his GoFundMe page here

For anyone who wants to find out more about #TheCrew or to sign up, please click here