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Donate Christmas Decorations to Charity

Donate Christmas Decorations to Charity

Have you got unloved Christmas decorations that would look great in a new home? Maybe you have lots of excess decorations with no space to store them? Well, the good news is that you can donate any beautiful decorations to charity who will sell them on to those that will love them as much as you have.


Where can I donate Christmas decorations?

Many high street charity shops will take complete and resaleable Christmas decorations, from beautiful baubles to weird and wonderful tree decorations. As with any donation, the condition of your items is really important so it’s worth considering whether you would purchase it. If not, the likelihood is your donation could cost charity money to get rid of, so save time and vital resource by recycling them yourself.

How can I donate my decorations?

Depending on the volume of decorations you’re donating, there are different ways to do this.

Make sure that your decorations are complete, ideally in boxes or packaging that will make them appeal to buyers or easy to store should they not sell straight away. All original parts must be part of the decorations, and nothing should have been tampered with, especially for any that are electrical.

If posting your decorations, especially anything that is breakable, make sure that you have wrapped them sufficiently to prevent damage in transit. Unfortunately, broken or incomplete items don’t sell and must be disposed of by the charity.


What Christmas decorations can I donate?

All charities will have a list of general items they don’t accept, so it’s best to check your items don’t tick any of these boxes. If they’re all ok, then ensure they are all working and complete before donating. When it comes to decorations, it’s best if these come in their original boxes so they can be sold as a set if that’s how they were bought. For one-off single tree decorations, simple package as normal.

For decorations of any great size, it may be worthwhile calling the store before you donate to ensure they have space for them before making the trip to donate.


When should I donate my decorations?

Some people are on the lookout all year for Christmas decorations, but it’s not fesible for these to feature online or in shops 365 days a year. If you’re looking to donate, then New Year is a great time as buyers may be looking for a good deal in prep for the following year. Alternatively, save these for the Autumn post-Halloween when the darker nights come round, and the festivities start to begin.

Many retailers will start preparations as early as the Summer, but often the bulk of Christmas cheer begins after 31st October in the UK, which is a great time to donate to stores to help their sales at this time of year.


Can I donate my Christmas tree to charity?

As with decorations, many charities will accept Christmas trees that are complete and in good condition. If yours is looking threadbare, has broken branches or stand, and has seen much better days then look at how you can recycle it or repurpose it if throwing it away isn’t an option.

Donating in a sellable box or carrier, with any instructions would be advantageous.