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Give the Gift of Christmas with These Much-Needed Donations

It’s that time of year again where shops are full to the brim of sparkles, stars and snowmen, but for some, the excitement comes from finding the perfect gifts in the unlikeliest of places. Charity shops, thrift shops and vintage fairs have increased on high streets in recent years and with the second-hand trend showing no signs of stopping, people are turning away from the shiny department stores in favour of supporting their local charities.

Of course, these shops are reliant on stock to keep their shelves full, so check out these sought-after items that can give someone else the gift of Christmas with these;

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

It’s party season so no-one wants the worry of breaking in new shoes ready for the dance floor! Donations of good quality shoes, including heels, trainers and smart men’s shoes are always sought after for presents. Classic converse, and beautiful boots, sassy stilettoes and business brogues we take them all!

Party Accessories for Festivities

Whether it’s the works Christmas party, a New Year’s getaway, or a big night out with friends, it’s the time of year where there’s something going on every week. Donations of accessories such as jewellery, handbags and ties can provide someone with a brand-new look for every occasion at a time that’s already tough on the wallet.

Board Games to beat Boredom

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a board game or two to pass the time between the Queen’s speech and the next round of mince pies. If you’ve answered all the questions of Trivial Pursuit, or Mousetrap has lost its magic, donate these to your local shop and help someone else make memories this Yuletide season.

Christmas Decorations

Whether it’s snowy Santa’s or festive tree decorations, the things that make Christmas don’t just include gifts. Make someone else’s surroundings merry and bright by donating old Christmas decorations if you’re having a change in colour scheme, or just fancy a different scene this year.

Give your preloved items a new home and literally give the gift of Christmas.

Don’t forget, you can donate to The Air Ambulance Service or share the memory of someone with In Memory Giving