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Doncaster #TheCrew member steps up to help keep TCAA helicopters flying

Doncaster #TheCrew member steps up to help keep TCAA helicopters flying

Kristian Smith, aged 13, who despite facing personal challenges with high functioning autism and anxiety, spent April 26 undertaking the 2.6 Challenge in aid of the Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA).

The 2.6 challenge was a national effort where the public were asked to take part in an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 and fundraise or donate to charities such as the Children’s Air Ambulance.

Kristian, a member of #TheCrew – a children’s club linked to TCAA – decided to run up and down the stairs of his three-storey family home 26 times to raise money for the vital service.

Sue, Kristian’s mother, said “Social distancing has put a stop on any raffles etc Kristian may have done to raise vital funds for the charity, so he decided to fundraise in the house as his part of the 2.6 Challenge”

She explained about the charity: “All their stores are closed at the moment and their events cancelled, so their funding is running low.

“And as you know the service receives no government funding and rely totally on donations.”

Kristian, from Woodlands, raised over £700 for the Children’s Air Ambulance last year by organising various fundraising events, such as a tombola and a raffle, a cake sale and a ‘guess the name of the teddy’ event.

Last Sunday he set up an online JustGiving donation page to enable anybody who wishes to support him to be able to do so.

Kristian, who is a year 8 pupil at XP East school, Middle Bank, was inspired to begin his fundraising by his niece, seven-year-old Chloe Hadley, who has been an avid supporter raising lots of funds for the vital service which flies critically ill babies and children in-between hospitals so that they can quickly get the specialist treatment they urgently need.

Sue added: “Chloe told us about the fundraising she was doing as part of an initiative called ‘#TheCrew’.

“Children can decide for themselves what they would like to do to raise funds for the Children’s Air Ambulance and, with help, carry out their ideas.”

TCAA Youth Development, Anoushka Brown, added “Kristian takes his role as a #TheCrew member very seriously and has shown great integrity in keeping to his plans, even when the going gets tough.

“His dedication and enthusiasm is unwavering.

“Kristian is an inspiration to anyone who meets him and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have his support.”

Anyone who would like to sponsor Kristian for his great efforts, please visit

To find out more about #TheCrew or to sign up – click here

The Children’s Air Ambulance are continuing to fly missions through this difficult period, providing vital support to the NHS and relying solely on donations, so they are appealing for your help to keep flying critically ill babies and children – click here to give any donation you can