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What is IT Asset Recovery?

What is IT Asset Recovery?

The recycling world is full of amazing opportunities to help prevent items ending up in landfill by being utilised by others for a new lease of life. It isn’t hard to find information on a whole list of ways to reuse fabrics, plastics and otherwise single use items, but what about IT equipment?

On average, most people in the UK upgrade their mobile phones every two years, with the same being said for businesses overhauling their office equipment. Due to advancements in technologies, systems and security, many of the systems become outdated and need replacing but are still in good condition to be used elsewhere.


So, what is Asset Recovery?

Also known as ITAD (IT Asset Disposition), asset recovery is the recovery and re-use of redundant or unwanted equipment. Charities can make use of these items by reselling to raise vital funds for their services, but many companies are unaware of the options that are available to them such as secure data wiping and collection of the equipment.

Asset recovery doesn’t just involve the deletion of data on desktop or laptop computers, there is the option to remove data from mobile phones and tablets that can also be sold on. For many businesses finding the right solutions for their needs, as well as offering an opportunity to support a worthwhile cause, may not be something they thought was possible, but our charity offer all of this and more.


Why Invest in Asset Recovery?

The turnover of electronic equipment within a business is wholly necessary but can cause vast amounts of waste across the globe. The problem is that many people don’t know their options for disposing of old equipment so many fully working machines end up in landfill, which has disastrous consequences on the environment.

By investing in asset recovery, you can give your equipment a new lease of life by sending on to other companies for complete data erasure and then resale. For charities like us, this can benefit massively towards our contributions and helping to save lives.


How Does Data Wiping Work?

Simply restoring computers and other electrical equipment back to their factory settings, isn’t sufficient enough to remove all the data that may have been stored from regular use. Unbeknown to many organisations, computers, phones and tablets have ways of storing information that means there is often data in hidden files that can only be erased with specific software. Using a credible programme, a company will be able to provide a certification that confirms the data erasure process is complete.

In the case of our services, the software we use is the Blancco data wipe system. Used and trusted by other credible organisations, this confirms that whoever your machine is passed on to, it will be completely clear and risk free.

Next time you’re looking to replace your electronic equipment, take a look at what we have to offer with our free of charge asset recovery services where we’ve helped a number of clients.