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Maureen Jones (Mycock)

My mum Maureen A Jones (previously Mycock) of Peak Dale.


Maureen's story

My lovely Mum, Mrs Maureen Ann Jones (nee Mycock), of Peak Dale, was born on 12th September 1943 and grew up at Daisymere, Green Fairfield. Her mum and dad were Myra and George Mycock and she had an older brother Frederick. After leaving school she went to work at the scotch wool shop. In 1962 she married my Dad, Wilf Jones, where they went on to have 3 girls, Carol, Shirley and Alison. They lived at Charles Street, Buxton at first and then moved to Peak Dale 4 years after they married. She stayed at home until we went to school and took great care of us growing up. We always had a cat in the house growing up, and many other animals that she would help us to look after. Once we were at school, she worked at the local school in the kitchen. She had a few different jobs over the years. She later worked at the British gas depot in Buxton as the storesperson and then later in the office of PD Edenhall. She was a truly beautiful genuine person with a heart of gold and always had wise words and support if you needed help. She was thoughtful, loving, gentle and caring. She also had a great sense of humour and was good fun. She loved the outdoors and while we were young she would grow vegetables in the garden and have flowers also.. In later years she loved to spend time in her garden and walk her collie dogs, Tess, Floss and later Poppy. She supported the dogs trust and the air ambulance for many many years. She loved all her children and 8 grandchildren and was always there for us all .......she was always generous with her time. She suffered ill health in her later years, but would never be defeated by it. She was a strong woman. Sadly, in January 2021, while waiting to come home from a brief stay in hospital, she caught Covid while in the hospital. She fought really hard to recover from it, she sadly succumbed to it and passed away on 15th January 2021. She will never be forgotten and we all still miss her very deeply.

Remembered by Shirley Butler

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