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Saving Lives By Road

Saving Lives By Road

Our dedicated critical care teams work 365 days a year, 24/7, to help save lives in the local communities and further afield. We want to get our specialist teams to where they need to be, fast – choosing the most suitable way of reaching those who need our help.

Whether our crews get to an incident by air or by road, what’s important is that they are on scene bringing pre-hospital critical care to the patient – providing vital medical intervention to them sooner.

Our cars, like our aircraft, carry highly qualified critical care paramedics and pre-hospital doctors on-board, as well as the same equipment – a defibrillator/cardiac monitor, CPR chest compression devices and response bags containing vital medical consumables and advanced critical care drugs – just to name a few!

As we have a good local road network and the roads are clearer at night, we utilise the cars rather than the aircraft, however, our critical care cars are also frequently used within the day to attend emergencies that are quicker to reach by road. They also allow us to continue attending lifesaving missions if the aircraft is unavailable due to maintenance, or if our service is affected by very poor weather conditions.

Thanks to your donations and continued support, we have driven into 2020 with brand new critical care cars (Skoda Kodiaq 4X4) meticulously chosen, designed and equipped for our crew’s and patient’s needs. Our crews have enjoyed getting them out on the roads and here are some of the reasons why: