Nichole Cawthorn
Nichole Cawthorn

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Air Ambulance Crew + Team

Every person who works at The Air Ambulance Service is a lifesaver. Whether they are part of our Critical Care Team, an Ambassador of our charity or running the day-to-day from Head Office.

Nichole Cawthorn, TCAA crew member, sitting on a helicopter

Nichole Cawthorn

Crew Member

My name is Nichole Cawthorn, I am a full-time Crew Member with TCAA, based at Gamston. I have been a crew member with TCAA since May 2023. I posteriorly worked with Yorkshire Ambulance Service for 9 years. I also have a combined 6-year inter-hospital and community experience. My role is to provide support to our specialist neonatal and paediatric clinicians during TCAA transfers. I’m very proud and lucky to be part of such an amazing charity. It’s very rewarding and the impact we have can be life changing for many families across the country.

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