Do you want to give Gift Aid?

If you’ve ever donated goods, purchased from a charity shop or given a cash donation, you may have been asked this question, but you wouldn’t be the first to ask; “What is Gift Aid?”

Gift Aid is a scheme allowing charities to claim tax back on donations at no extra cost to the donor. Any donation will benefit from a further 25% being claimed from the government making your £s go further.

Who Can Give Gift Aid?

If you make a personal donation and you’re a UK tax payer then you can give Gift Aid. You must have paid sufficient Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax to cover any donations you have made to charities in the tax year.

What Information is needed for monetary Gift Aid claims?

There’s only a small amount of info needed for charities to claim Gift Aid which we collect on a Gift Aid declaration form;

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Donation made from personal bank account not a business or company account
  • Confirmation you’re a UK tax payer and have paid sufficient Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax

Gift Aid for Donated Goods

From clothes to books and furniture, charities can benefit from claiming Gift Aid on goods that are donated and sold in shops. For a charity to claim on these items however, you must sign a Gift Aid Declaration upon drop off. The Charity will advise you of the net proceeds your donated goods have raised before making a claim so that you can let us know if you have not paid enough tax.

The benefits of Gift Aid for a charity can make a huge difference to their proceeds and the services they provide.

Here’s a round-up of what Gift Aid Is

Extra % of funds claimed back from tax

Only eligible from UK taxpayers

No extra cost to you

Claimable on direct donations and donated goods